questionsdo you promote or recommend woot!?


Not the same way, but yes-ish. If someone asks me where I got something, I'll tell them. I don't go too far out of my way to talk about it anymore, though.


basically what @thumperchick said goes for me as well


I used to when the items were more interesting and the discounts deeper. But now it's just another deals site and I haven't found much of interest on here in a long while. So unless I know someone's looking for the specific stuff currently available I do not.


I don't really see the changes for the worst that everybody keeps talking about. Sure, maybe the discounts aren't as much as they used to be but that is pretty difficult to actually quantify. But, I can say that since my state's law has changed to allow wine shipments to me wine.woot is just outstanding and I tell lots of people about it (but, overall, no one really seems to care). I don't really care about all the dysons and digital cameras that represent the "old" woot to me. Plus, with all the woot plus stuff combines with all day shipping fees, I don't really understand what all the fuss is about. I am, for the most part, not as interested in the deals side since everybody seems so negative these days (and I'm sure I'm as much responsible for that as anyone else). I guess I just don't have the time for pointless arguments with strangers on the internet anymore...


I've gotten some excellent bargains on Woot, even since Amazon took over.

Yes, I do recommend it to friends.


If I'm talking about a specific shirt or just smart shopping in general, yes. I don't go ranting about Woot out of the blue though....even though I easily could.

I love you guys.


I tell clients about Woot several times per day. I don't know how many of them take it up, but I promote the site all the time. I wear Woot shirts, carry Woot knives, and have several Woot computers in our veterinary clinic. These items frequently trigger an excuse to bring Woot up - especially when the computer is displaying a Woot-Off.


My answer would be exactly the same as moondrake's.
I still check every day, and when there is a woot-off I might check back several times, but there isn't often much offered that interests me. I actually find more in the community posted deals that the Woot items, and I'm always greatful for all the feedback from other Wooters about the items. That feedback very often is the deciding factor when I'm considering an item, so thanks everyone.


@benyust2: I was never a huge Woot shopper. I am not much of an impulse buyer, so woot-offs don't hold much allure for me. I like to have time to research a product and make a careful evaluation before deciding to buy. So it's not like I used to buy truckloads and now I do not. But it used to be every week or two Woot would offer something I really wanted. Even though I usually talked myself out of buying, I checked Woot every day at 11pm MST when the item changed. Although there are like 100x as many things available now, I rarely see anything that tempts me. Maybe it's the choice factor, when you have only 3 movies it's a lot easier to select one to watch than when you have 3,000. But it's also the products and the prices. It's gotten to where I may remember to scan through the drop downs and say "meh" once a day, but often not, even though I often come here to chat with you guys.


Wine.woot I share with friends who like wine. There is usually something interesting over there to try.
That one I share a lot.
The rest, only if someone asks me where I got something.

@moondrake I hear you about the too many choices thing. I want a few good quality real deals. That's it. I would buy more if I weren't as overwhelmed.
It's not just Woot. It's every where. Sometimes less is more. Retailers don't seem to get that.


I do wear my woot! shirts and sweatshirts, and if people ask me where I bought something, I tell them about the site. Most of my friends and family know about it at this point, some of them even opened accounts and have bought things.

After the last woot-off I was having packages delivered daily and one day I happened to be home as the mailman was shoving packages in my mailbox so I walked down the driveway and he asked me if I was doing early Christmas shopping. I laughed and told him no, and then told him about woot and he actually wrote down the name so he could look it up that night. Then he thanked me for keeping the postal service in business!


I don't promote or recommend it any more, and I don't buy much, either. I loved the silly junk from earlier times, and will be forever grateful that they had Leak Frogs, which I bought because they looked funny. Then one saved me from 4k-7k in damage, and I became a believer (and bought many, many more).

Still, every once in a while, Woot surprises me with something funny. Case in point:

Go. Read. Smile.


I always find it funny that it's harder to promote as a company with serious and reliable backing (i.e., the 'zon) than it was as an unknown, weird, hard to contact deal a day website.

"We're, uh... well, we have this one deal a day, usually a Roomba or like an old portable phone, and like, when it sells out, it's gone and we'll call you a jerk..."

"We're an Amazon subsidiary offering deals on a variety of items, including shirts, wine, electronics, and things for your home."


@gatzby: in which a staff member is knocking the woot whose strategy grew it to be what it is today.

you can cite the fact that membership may have grown, but that's only due to cross-pollination of marketing efforts not to anything unique amazon has brought to this site.

net: your user base has been vocal about how they disapprove of what woot has become; not just on d.w. but on the main side as well. its not just complaints...people including myself don't buy as much from woot as they used to. hint: that's how businesses survive.

prediction: woot will eventually be folded into amazon gold box / amazon local in some way shape or form, and woot hq will be folded into the new amazon center in north texas. not due to "failure"...sure, woot still sells stuff. due to: bifurcating traffic/userbase/management of orders between two TLD's, when at the end of the day woot no longer offers a unique value prop over anything amazon.

all told.


o sry @mkentosh, but no i don't recommend woot anymore. the few woot users i knew (albeit casual) have commented that the site has changed, is too commercial now, isn't what it used to be, etc.


After I got hired, I told my mom that I now work for a company that sells crappy crap and funny shirts. Thank goodness they didn't hire me for marketing.


I used to. Now, only when someone asks about one of my funny shirts.


Thumperchick and Moondrake summed it up for me.


@jsimsace said: "Thumperchick and Moondrake summed it up for me."

Yeah, for me too.


@josefresno: You know, that first answer is the one I'd still use, because it piques curiosity and interest. The Amazon connection is useful only if one wants to assure folks that the company is ethical and reliable.

Come to think of it, I do pretty much use that description when I mention Woot to someone.


Not much, anymore. I used to... when it was something worth promoting or recommending. Now, if I happen to notice something at a decent price and I know someone may be looking for, I may mention it.


Yes I do, but as so many here, not as often as I used too.


Nah, everyone knows about Amazon already.


I talk woot up less than I used to; partly because I hesitate to recommend Anvil shirts and partly because I don't want anyone in "real life" to connect me to this persona.

Also, my friends think I am a wizard for my ability to produce gifts of nerdy/witty t-shirts and LeakFrogs.

@gatzby: I laughed. That's an excellent point.


@gatzby : Everyone wants to be James Dean.