questionswhat companies do you turn to for buying custom…


I would look up your local ASI sales rep. You will be able to work with them in person and they will have access to a large selection of goods.


You could also try VistaPrint. They do a serviceable job. Their presentation folders start at quantities of 250 for $379.99.

They also have flash drives available.


AccessoryGeeks has some really cool promotional items that also have functionality. I'm all for fun stuff that I throw away once I get home but these promotional items I love! They've got stuff for cell phones and such that I actually use and my (now) customers really enjoy as well. You need to email and they will take care of you!


I have used several times and have been pleased, with their customer service, the quality of their products, AND the fact that they don't hassle me constantly to buy more stuff from them. They will send you a free sample of virtually any product they offer if you request it on their website.


I work for a very large company and they use Staples. There are a ton of great choices to put your logo on, and the quality of the items is good and price is low. I picked up 30 retractable badge holders the other day for the team with our logo on them for under $20.


Thanks for all the awesome replies guys. Will definitely be looking into all of them.