questionsadvice on purchasing a portable generator for…


I have heard people tell of generators that "lock up" from inactivity, so my advice would be to run it occasionally if you buy one.


EU2000 or EU3000 are the best you can get for a camp site and they are really quite and they produce clean energy that has no peeks or drops in voltage so you can run electronics or other sensitive equipment with no problem. Also it's a Honda so you know its dependable. They are pretty pricey but you really can't beat the technology. Yamaha makes a solid one too.


I see you also asked about battery power in another question, has something you should look at. As far as a generator is concerned, any small generator will fit the bill for a CPAP and small ones can be pretty quiet, but they are not silent. Another thought would be to have an inverter plugged into the your auto battery and run an extension cord to your CPAP. You could also go "camping" in a motor home or travel trailer which would have the extra battery power and probably a generator built in. RV's can be rented, have real beds in them, and do a better job of keeping the creepy crawlies away.


Ask and you shall receive ! Thanks woot gods and notovarsk for heads up


@nortonsark - I am totally on the side of having the RV but we are headed out to the yet unsettled family ranch so getting the RV out is pretty tricky I am told. There are some camp trailers which we will use but the power is limited. Though I did snag one of those power packs you recommended so we’ll see how that works out.