questionsdo you offer a coupon to new "wooters"?


Wander over to the other woot sites and buy yourself sumpin' purty. This will give you the ability to vote here on deals, and then get busy participating in all aspects of Deals! THAT's how you'll earn a lovely token of appreciation from everyone's favorite @Jumbowoot.

[Man, I've lost my transparent buttsnorkling technique.]


The only thing they offer is elevator passes for $5.

They don't offer any sort of extra discount to newcomers. However, if you complete the mystery task of the month on deals.woot, @jumbowoot will reward you with a coupon code or a special treat the following month. Your best bet is to be actively posting deals, and asking questions. Also, comment/answer on others' posts and vote regularly.

Welcome to deals.woot.


i'd give you one of my coupon codes, but they're tied to my account so they're non-transferable.



As @capguncowboy said, nothing is offered to newcomers, but those who are active do get rewarded. Your best bet is to be as active as possible, because what you get rewarded for changes from month to month. I've gotten a coupon for posting a deal that went popular one month, and then the next I got one for just voting on a sponsored deal.

Coupons unfortunately are not stackable, but at the very least you get free shipping.


If woot offered coupons to new users, my guess is that some people would register a new account anytime they wanted to buy something.


Just remember -

The fantastic jumbowoot coupons that are given for participation on deals.woot are not guaranteed and could disappear at any time.


Not sure if it's still offered or not, but woot! proper did have a standing invite for you to eat lunch free on the parking lot in TX.