Relax. Take a deep breath.

1) There is no "automated system". All tattles go through mods before being acted upon. All you'll do is let a chinese spammer keep their deal up longer, and nobody want's that (except for the chinese spammer)

2) Don't worry. The crabs will be gone in a couple days. My sources tell me that the cast (cast = group of crabs) is scuttling it's way over to wine.woot as we speak. It will keep moving through the woot-sites until it eventually reaches Amazon. THEN you should be worried


@m3rkvry: Those tattles are easily ignored. Tattles are set up for action (like expired deals), not opinion (I don't like something). It's far more effective to voice an opinion out here, where it will be seen. Also, it's bad for your reputation to tattle on something the moderators don't take action on.