questionshas the new woot! ceo been named yet?


woot's in Texas, so I think Chuck Norris automatically becomes interim CEO. it's like a law there or something.


Probably, it would be very hard to fill out a job application if one had never been named.

Just having a little fun, don't flame me too much. :)


I nominate @wootbot! He will be fair and impartial. And @girlwootbot wants pretty things :)


@carl669: Chuck Norris is too busy running the rest of the world to care too much about Woot right now.


CEOOFF. I just hope they don't get the Bag o' Crap.


@captainsuperdawg: are you implying Chuck Norris can only do one thing at a time?


@carl669: I would never imply that Mr. Norris has limitations. I'm simply saying that he has more important things to do than run Woot.


Hmmm, does it really make a difference?
The place is run by Amazon now no?
Isn't that basically why @snapster left?

I know I'll probably get down-voted a lot for this comment, but I'm still bummed over it all.


It's probably like everything else, no one will volunteer so I will get 'volunteered'.


Woot is owned by Amazon, I think there won't be a new CEO, but a new Vice President that oversees Woot. No idea, though.


@okham: What a wonderful idea!

But @wootbot would give away all the coupons on command. He is a generous bot!


@girlwootbot: Considering it's @wootbot, he'll be giving away expired coupons. Generous and loyal, but crossed circuits too.


@dmmutti Amazon is usually pretty hands off with the companies they acquire. They bought Zappos, Quidsi (,, etc.) and Woot partially because of the unique culture each company has. More details at


@dcdjason: That was from two years ago. I would say that there have been some extensive changes in how Woot works and its culture.