questionsare you prepared for the zombie apocalypse and…


I must admit, I am woefully unprepared for the zombie apocalypse. :(


Will your lingerie items require that you use the defense items? :}


Too many unanswered questions about said apocalypse. How exactly is it transferred? Is it just by bite or will scratches suffice to infect others? Will the brain need to be destroyed in order to neutralize the threat or will it just have to be separated from the body? Will the government still stand? Will there be a vaccine? If it ever does strike, I have friends who live in the middle of nowhere, so I can just hide out at their place, like Hershel from Walking Dead did on his farm


@klozitshoper: Never forget the 4th rule of Zombieland...

The Doubletap! ;-)


@hottubrf: Most important rule...besides cardio. But works in more situations. :)

I picked up the moofi today, and with my Gerber apocalypse kit, I'm ready to go.


I'm not exactly prepared but I did buy the Zombie xmas carols book, so will music soothe the savage zombie?