questionswhy was my robert heinlein book collection deal…


So the price is $1500. That's how much it was the last time you posted it on MAR 31, 2011 5:01 PM. So what is the regular price and what discount percentage off is this?


These would look great in my mansion!

I'm guessing it got deleted by a disgruntled powerball ticket holder.


I'm guessing someone tattled because it's not a "deal".


No clue, but if when deleted deal questions go up you could cc @jumbowoot, that would be super handy.

(The logic being there are plenty of folks on the deals team that may know what happened better than your friendly cruise deck crew over here in ATC.)

Sorry I couldn't be more help.


@inkycatz: I note that there was a slight error on the spelling for your username, and then there's that wondrous new addition to staff, THUNDERTHINGS. Best typo I've seen in ages.

I'm guessing it was deleted because it was a single item, rather than multiple (47 "collector grade" books is what makes me think that.

Since you didn't get a Z in your summoning, here's some extras for you.


I just want you to be happy. :-D


Did the first offer change to something else in the meantime or has the price been the same for the last two years?


@jumbowoot: This is the original:

It's precisely the same thing.

Sorry, OP.

[Edit] I should also note that it was posted again (I sent in a couple of tattles)

Oops. Never mind.


Thanks for the knowledge all.
especially @jumbowoot @inkycats @shrdlu

yeah I am not a very careful typer to begin with and today has been one of those days where just nothing is going right, including my typing skills.


@shrdlu: How'd you know I needed some extra zzs this week? Thank you!