questionsare you collecting the armagedd-off goofy trading…


what is the best place for it?
(i.e. which has more activity/ pageviews/ lurkers)?

eta: and will we be able to get to it if we solve it early?

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@j5: One does not simply MEASURE lurkers!

It's hard to say -- there may be less folks there, but more active ones here. Or vice versa. Mostly, I just don't want anyone to miss out on a clue when there's more than one resource.

The shirt will be available when the last card is revealed; something we learned from the pirate event.


@j5: Well if you can't access Dropbox from work, you can also view the file on your Smartphone, or if you have twitter, can follow me for the latest updates @manbearpixel

If you also can't access twitter from work (hurr durr) then when you follow me you can have new tweets pushed via MSG to your phone, or brick if you're a wizard.


Well, if they stick to the order so far, I bet the link has "monkey" in it.


Keep following me on the twitt-o-sphere for updates on the #2012armageddoff #wootoff. I'll be watching and posting new found letters and keeping everyone up to date who is following @manbearpixel


So far the following have been found ::

"N", "D", "M", "O", "E", "G", "E"

Follow me for future updates, I'll be lurking so you can be lazy and go on with your life. Jerks. (jk)

-- !!Update
I've also compiled a little info-card with links to each trading card that you can download and check out.

The file WILL be updated as time progresses and more are found.

In the file you will find:
- Official Steps
- Links to official discussion
- Trading Card locations/letters
- General FAQ
- Speculations of final word
- Fun easter egg


Free time
You need less of it.

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If it is indeed "Monkeygeddon" then we just need.


Should be easy enough to remember for some of you.


Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine?


@jmcniece: A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!


Maybe it's monkey-gaiden.

j5 j5

@j5: So that's how the world will end...Death by (ninja) monkeys. Damn you Pixar!


All signs point to "monkeygeddon"...

The icon in the lower right the "monkey" face and the explosion "!" are clues...

Current letters featuring the monkey face: M-O-N-E
Current letters featuring the explosion: G-E-D-D


New letter: N

Current letters featuring the monkey face: M-O-N-E
Current letters featuring the explosion: G-E-D-D-N


I'm impressed by how well everyone has behaved during this event. Nobody has even created any fake cards.

That is a fake card. Don't ban me, bro!


Pic #10:
Icon in lrh corner=Monkey
Phrase that pays=King of the mutants


if put in numerical order
M O N K E G E D D N with 2 to go
M O N K E _ G E D D _ N?

vote-for1vote-against is not currently active. Nor has it been for the last 8 hours....I've been checking...

I'm guessing it will go live when the last card pops up.


Well... the Y is highlighted on a card with the explosion symbol. Kinda breaks the mold we have been running with.


It still fits if you forget about the pictures, and just put the letters in order of the numbers from least to greatest.

The next card should be between 67-71


@m122369: Yep, I had just figured that out. So it should be monkeygeddon.


You can order the shirts now...


Behold... the disappointment.


Just got my shirt!
If there is a surprise BOC, I wouldn't mind :)
I have never gotten one before!


Oh sweet! We figured out the link!


oh wait. Ehhhh. No thanks. I guess sometimes the journey is more enjoyable than the destination.


Hopefully you'll get that horrible fur jacket instead of a BoC.


I still bought a shirt. They better not be selling it in the normal shirt woot come next week. lol


6 days left - OR - until sold out

.... 6 days?!?! Okay, so this pretty much has to be a shirt and a shirt alone I think. If it were one that I liked, I'd buy, but....


I still had fun with this! See you guys the next time people think the world is ending!!!


As a Mayan, I find this shirt design to be very offensive.


Wow, that's some design! As in, one that I would never wear. If it had been free (like the crab shirt) I would have ordered one...turned inside-out, it would have been a nice polishing cloth for waxing the car (like the crab shirt).

By the way, I'm just kidding...I haven't waxed my car in 10 years (or even washed it). The crab shirt is still in pristine condition, having been neither washed nor worn. And that's likely to be the condition it will stay in forevermore.