questionsanyone else ever wonder why we don't see dead…


I see dead animals every single day! Road kill is ramped here in Houston it's a crying shame that there really isn't anything we can do about it, except spay and neuter our animals, which I think should be mandatory.


you do realize that most of these animals are carnivores don't you?
the cats will eat the birds and mice. the racoons and mice will eat the cats. also most animals (like humans) don't crawl into the middle of the busiest spot to die, they go to an out of the way corner where they can curl up until the feel better (usually to die there).


@moosezilla: I've always wondered why animals preferred to walk off and die alone. It makes sense if they left a central area to die in peace (rather than get killed by another bigger animal).

When my cat was close to dying, he kept walking toward a corner of the house where we couldn't reach him. The vet just said that it is in their instinct to do that, but didn't explain why.


@curtisuxor: Probably the animal instinct which does not allow them to show how ill they are, because in the wild, an ill animal quickly becomes lunch or dinner.


Kind of gruesome to watch, but I saw a dead duck on the other side of the narrow lake in the back of my house the other day and within seemingly seconds, about 10 buzzards arrived. There was nothing, nothing left after about 5 min, not even a buzzard. Ugly birds, but very effective.


2 stupid starlings have had a nest in the same place for 3 years under my eaves now. Every spring, most of their babies fall out and die (over 2 story drop).

I don't know if the babies are stupid, if they're pushing their siblings out, or if the parents are retarded. The babies are typically at least a week old when they fall out, (eyes opened, feathers just starting to come in). I left one of the little corpses where it fell on the cement last week, and it's now nearly gone. Seems mainly ants are doing the cleanup.