questionshas the portal 2 $25 off coupon worked for you…


@imtheotherguy: when i printed it out it didnt work, but like i said, they scanned my iphone with it zoomed in really far and it went through


The coupon is a fake. It might be a good fake, but it's a fake none the less. If you doubt me, look at the expiration date. How many days are in June?

Using this would be wrong. Which is a bummer, because I got all excited and I was already making plans to use it to get me a copy.


@thepenrod: wow you're absolutely right, I didnt even think about the date. I wasn't trying to scam anyone when I used it. I thought it was legitimate. How the heck did they make a working coupon?


@discodiscoman: I'm inclined to think they gave you a free pass on it as a good-will gesture. In the long run, probably a better business decision to accept it without further hassle to you rather than cause an uproar and have you walk out.


@magic cave: you're probably right, however it was the first and last time I will ever go to a walmart.


@discodiscoman: I wasn't trying to condemn you, just warn others. I'm not sure of the details, but I assume it's like any other technology that can be hacked. I do know that some people were successful with the coupon at Best Buy, Kmart, and Walmart and others were unsuccessful at all the same stores. So either a bunch of people are lying, or (more likely) coupons work well because an employee verifies the legitimacy of the coupon. (That's why some self-checkouts require an employee to do certain kinds of coupons.) So my feeling is that some employees for all of those stores are better at their jobs than others.


Valve isn't even located in Del Rio, Texas. It's in Bellevue, Washington, but I'm willing to bet very few cashiers will catch that


It's stuff like this that we have to stand in line at Best Buy while they make sure my coupon is valid or not.


@wickedd365: guess who went late at night right before they closed to make sure that wouldnt happen? I did. We arent all inconsiderate jerks.


@discodiscoman: Wow, your Walmart closes? All of the Walmarts within a half-hour radius of me are open 24 hours...


As to the coupon working thing, I work at a grocery store and once in a while fake coupons come up.
I don't know how they work and get accepted by the system(ie I scan it and it takes off appropriate amount).
And half the cashiers don't look at expiration dates on coupons, they just scan and move on.


@mgscott: Most coupons are sent to a clearing house, not the manufacturer/publisher


I went in and had it price matched at Wal-Mart for 29.99 (from the Gamestop ad) and then used the coupon. I ended up paying 7.09 with tax. I had no issues, but I can't comment on the validity of the coupon. It does work though.


As I posted in a deal that had this coupon in it. I contacted valve Monday they still have yet to reply apart from the programed email response about checking their FAQ. I think if they really cared they would be doing something about it.

I say don't worry about it. If it works it works if not it doesn't. But it's worth a shot. If later we find out it's a fraud go spend that 25$ on something either from that store or from valve it's a win win =P

Besides if these systems are reading the coupon it's a really well done fake. Which I find hard to believe someone spent that much time and trouble to hack and create for $25.00 but eh I guess I have a life lol.


Okay so news update. I went to walmart told the clerk it might be a fake and explained it all to him. He then called a manager who then said oh we took one of those earlier today. Their fine. So it was then scanned and approved. I can post pictures if anyone wants.

Yes I know this isn't a official ruling but hey it's their choice to take it.

Walmart just earned some respect in my eyes


I wonder then if I should use my Employee Discount in conjunction with this Coupon and Price Match? Too much info to be tracked back in case of fraud you think?


@dravack: That's pretty interesting. I commend you for doing the honorable thing and explaining that you knew it was a fake.


@dravack: it's not a "really well done fake". I could do a fake like that in about 10 minutes, tops.

the final thing that marks this as fraudulent is the site where it is hosted.
it's an ECENTIVES coupon. they are a legitimate online coupon company that is even used by Ecentives coupons are hosted by ecentives, and like smartsource and they limit the number of times the coupon can be printed per computer. It is illegal to post/host the image of the coupon as this one has been done.

Sure, your store may take it, but in the long run you're hurting everyone who uses online/internet coupons legitimately. Every time a big value fake like this one hits the marketplace, stores overreact and start treating all couponers like criminals. No matter how you try to justify it's use, this particular version is fradulent.

the barcode is easy to generate on a fraudulent coupon so that it will got through the registers no problem, there are online barcode generators


basic coupon barcode info:

5 14633 00000 4

the 5 tells the register it is a coupon

the 14633 is the company/manufacturer code

the first 3 zeroes are the "family code" that specify product line of that particular company, the 4th and 5th zeroes are the section of the barcode where the coupon's value is coded. since there are only 100 options (00-99), coupon values that are not common are always a 00 or a 01. 14 and 16 are always bogo or b2g1, 76 is $1 off 1, 33 is $1 off 2, etc.

To make this coupon, all the person had to do was capture a pdf of any legit ecentives coupon, alter the redemption info to have VALVE instead of the original company issuing the coupon, copy & paste the barcode they created over the original, and paste the image of the game. 10-minute job, tops. There was even a fake coupon for a free playstation that was going around about 1.5 years ago that was actually accepted at some stores.

There are plenty of 100% legit deals out there, don't resort to this.


@mgscott: almost all coupons, internet and from the sunday paper or the little displays on store shelves, are sent to a big clearinghouse in Del Rio texas.

@thepenrod: the employees that are "better at their jobs" are the ones who will not accept this coupon, since they know that there is barely ever a high-dollar coupon like this put out, and when there is a legitimate high-value internet coupon put out, there is always a unique serial number and identifier on the coupon so they can track who printed it if it is ever illegally copied like this one. There is almost always a phone number or website where the coupon's serial number can be verified listed on the coupon in those cases as well.


Am I dumb that I can't find it on the site or is it now off the site?