questionscan you recommend good pillows for a good price ?


Black Friday is coming up.. if you don't mind waiting in line, I buy new luxury pillows at Kohls every other year. They have both Memory foam (which you dont like), and pillows similar to the nice Hilton Hotel pillows. Great prices and they are amazing... I also use end up buying 2 sets of 600+ count sheets while Im there :D


I have "Sealy Won't Go Flat Pillows" from and they have been great for over a year. I am also a side/back sleeper and they are firm but not too firm, I would definately buy them again. They were around $40 for a set of 2.

I see they are out of stock today, but Overstock has a good selection and a big range of prices depending on what you are looking for.


Look here:

They have a variety of pillows, comforters and feather beds.
I bought a feather bed from them a year ago and it is still great.

Great prices for quality stuff.


With pillows you get what you pay for. Back in 2006 I bought 2 $200 pillows from Bed, Bath, & Beyond that came with lifetime warranties. Since BB&B has a no-hassle return policy I can take them back whenever they don't meet my needs and get a fresh one. There is nothing like sleeping on a really nice pillow.


@ewaldjw: How many times have you taken them back?


@devexityspace: How low does the price get for the sheets on Black Friday?


I can highly recommend the "Simmons Beautyrest Authentic Talalay Latex Foam Firm Support Pillow".
My husband and I have had them for 6 months and have never slept so good.....On amazon for $60 and worth every penny!


@cdunagan: I have to skip the latex. Thanks for the suggestion all the same. Might be good for someone else ?


@hot72chev: Thanks for the Overstock suggestion.They look like they might have some good deals on pillows there. The one you like that is out of stock is foam, and wouldn't work for me anyways.
But this one looks interesting . LOL. What do you think ?


@pulsetv: I think they are $29.95-- and I trust it more than the online shady sites that advertise 800-thread count for only $20! :D


@devexityspace : I hope Black Friday doesn't come around soon. I'm still trying to squeeze more summer in.
I will check out Kohl's though. Someone posted a coupon. I get some great deals on sheets at Sierra Trading Post. They have overstocks, discontinued items, etc... Bought 2 sets this summer {now sold out} Original vendor has the same thing for sale on their site in different color for $245. I paid $40. Great sheets. They sell out of that stuff pretty fast. I've been checking out the pillows they have now. They always have coupons out, so the prices listed are just a jumping off point. Usually at least 30% less. I think I'm overwhelmed by choices.

@computiac : I checked out Pacific Pillow. Thanks for the link. They have some good info on how to choose the right pillow.


@ewaldjw : Do you think these ones would be investment enough ? I couldn't believe it when I saw it. And I thought your $200 sounded pricey. I wonder how many they sell. I'm sure they are very nice, but at some point does it really make a difference ? I guess I'll never know.
I'll give BBB a look see on my quest.

Thanks for all your help everybody. If you see any others, please point them my way.


I bought two at Macy's a few months ago. Down. I tried alternative down and they were lousy. These were $170 each, BUT buy one, get one free, plus a certain percent off, so it came down to a reasonable price. I'd watch their ads and see if they go on sale as singles. I love it. It does just what you say, my head goes down and it stays there and I can bunch it up around my head.


@pooflady: Would you be so kind to share what is on the label of your pillows, so I can look for the same ?
Thank you ! They sound very nice.


@nmchapma: I've only taken them back once and that was just for a broken zipper. It was no problem. I handed them my broken pillow and they handed me a new one. I did feel kind of bad because my old pillow wasn't as white as the new one...


@ceagee: "Collected by hand from abandoned nests in Iceland and Scandinavia" Bahahahaha! That is over the top. Those are the Rolex of the Pillow world. All I looked for in the pillows I bought was high threadcount and a superb headfeel. Fortunately they have beds at BB&B so you can lay down with it for a minute or two. Take your time. Shop around. A good pillow is worth it.

Also, the lifetime guarantee was the clincher for me. I love being able to take something back whenever it breaks.


@ewaldjw: Rolex of pillows. I like that analogy ! They do sound so very nice though, don't they? Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket. lol

Thanks for the tip on BBB. I think we actually have one in town. We have very few stores here.

Cheers !


Two years ago I bought pillows at JC Penny that claimed they never go flat. We're two years in and they're still going very strong. I believe they were only $20-$30 a piece. I just checked the website for them but unfortunately I can't find them anymore. But it might be worth a trip to JC Penny to check out what they have.


I finally found a pillow that works and doesn't hurt my neck. It's called My Pillow and I saw it advertised on TV but went to a website called My Pillow and purchased it. They are a little expensive compared to your $10 pillows in the store but worth every penny.