questionsdid you know the discussion board isn't the woot…


People have been posting because there has been a noticeable difference in response time. I have had emails where I haven't gotten an auto response after several hours. I have also had emails that were "stuck in the system" that went unanswered. I see no problem with people wanting to voice their concerns in the forum, as most of the customer service related threads are created after going the email route doesn't work. Generally mods will alert customer service about these posts, which actually help the issue get resolved. In the end, that is what is important isn't it?


Not to mention having a community dedicated to helping out frustrated customers definitely increases revenue for woot. So let the newbies post here, it's not like scrolling through the one extra question a day is really going to hurt anyone.


It would help a lot if woot had a phone number.


@jsimsace: Absolutely! I'd like to be able to call them to ask when the next woot-off will be.


@magic cave: I can only imagine how many times per hour that question would be asked. :) I suppose a better answer on my part should have read "support.woot" instead.