questionshas anybody tried bob's pickle pops?


I like pickles, but....gross =\
No, haven't tried em. I suppose I would if someone gave me one, but I'm not enthusiastic.


My mom has been making them for months by sticking a popsicle stick in the middle of a pickle and freezing it inside of the juice. It is actually pretty tasty.


I had them in my shopping cart not long ago but culled them. When you are dieting it is hard to find diet-friendly snacks that aren't sweet.


Ya they are awesome, they taste just like a dill pickle but better because they are frozen and refreshing.
They do sell them at Walmart for like 2 bucks for 6 pops. I love em... :)


@moondrake: How well do you bake? I have a recipe or two for lower carb & calorie crackers made from golden flax seed and almond meal. Just a bit labor intensive until you get the hang of making them, but they work really well when you're wanting something savory, & crispy.