questionswe've all seen bogo events, but have you ever…


Kia (old kia) used to have a BOGO deal. If you bought a Sedona you got a free Rio. I don't know that it worked and that was a time when a Rio was no more than a soup can with wheels.


@nmchapma: My son hit a bad patch back in mid-2002 (no car, no job), just as the local Kia dealer started offering a deal on the Rio: $39 down and $39/month for six months. I did a classic cartoon-style double-take as I walked past the TV commercial, and The Spouse and I bought him a Rio the next day. We figured we could always sell it at a small loss if necessary, but he liked it well enough to keep it for 4+ years. For a pretty bare-bones little car it handled pretty well, was relatively comfortable to drive, and got great mileage. Since he got a job two weeks after he got the car it all worked out very well.

Wonder if that was before or after the Rio as a tin can on wheels? His previous vehicles had included a Miata, a Pathfinder, and a tricked out Pontiac Grand Am, so we were surprised (and pleased) that he kept the Rio for a while rather than taking on a new and bigger loan.

Had there been a BOGO at the time, we might have considered it.


$39 a month for six months and then the payment went up? Or the whole car for $273? I'd have bought a half dozen at that price. One in each color. :)


@moondrake: ::::laughing::: Me, too, if that had been the deal.

There was a manufacturer's rebate offer that the dealer converted into a monthly plan: by spreading the rebate over six months, the monthly payment was reduced to $39. We really wanted to help him out (on his side of town, finding/holding a job was almost impossible without a car), but I wasn't willing to take on a full-size car payment. The rebate deal made for a simple decision, though, and with a car he had a decent job in two weeks. As agreed, he started making the payments at the six-month point.

Brief mama-brag: Bad decisions = a really bad patch = hard wake-up call and major life adjustments for him. He's changed jobs three times since, with a bigger job and much more money each time. He makes about six times what I was making when I retired, got married a few years ago, bought a house, and has a year's worth of expenses in savings. (And he paid off my car about five years ago.) Life is good.


@magic cave: Congratulations on being a great mom!


saw a mercedes dealership giving a free Smart car with purchase of a high end $100k+ Mercedes model last year.


@moondrake: Thank you, but he's always been a pretty great kid who grew into a really nice, good-hearted man. He was in his early 30's when the bad/dumb stuff happened, and once he got his emotional and intellectual balance back, he just sailed forward into success. He's smart as hell, quick to pick up new concepts and practices, and has (I am convinced) a slight bit of OCD, so once he aims at something he generally gets there. I'm quite proud of him.

Joan Baez wrote a song for her son Gabe called, "I'm with you." I've always thought of it as my song for my son. This is a very raw version of it and the lyrics are hard to hear, but it's the only one on youtube:


@kamikazeken: Classier than having to change a flat tire by the side of the road, hmm?

Driving down the highway once we saw an RV towing a Smart car. The Smart car had a personalized license tag that read "DINGHY" which made us laugh out loud. (We're easily amused.)


@magic cave: One of my fonder highway memories was passing a very new and shiny current model pickup truck broken down on the side of the road. They were hooking it up to be towed by a beautiful 1940's era Chevy pickup. I thought, now there's the reverse of a commercial for that new truck if ever there was one. I see lots of trucks and cars from the 40's and even 30's still driving around and even the occasional commercial vehicle stillhard at work. I can't imagine any vehicle built today still working 70 or 80 years from now.


@moondrake: Oh, wow, neither can I. The Spouse's ancient little GMC Sonoma truck is a '95 model with about 150k miles on it, and it's still chugging along, but I doubt we'll get another five years out of it.