questionshave you started to get your black friday online…


According to UPS a package that I had ordered Wednesday was set to arrive on Monday and was even listed as "on truck for delivery". It still hasn't arrived, and each day the delivery date is pushed back a day. It's kind of frustrating, I'm not even going to bother trying to call UPS, I'm sure they're swamped with calls this week. A TV & wallmount that ended up ordering on Monday says it is "out for delivery" today now too. So we'll see if it shows up.


Half of my stuff has arrived. It makes for quite a tidy pile.

The deals weren't great, but a few things I had my eye on were substantially on sale. I saved lots of money...although not as much as I would have had I not bought anything. :/


The stuff I ordered from on Thanksgiving Day arrived via FEDEX Monday at 2:30pm when I was home for lunch. I thought that was pretty amazing.


The FedEx guy just pulled away after bringing me the windchimes I ordered on cyber Monday. That was quick!


I've had a package chilling in Reno, NV for a couple days now. Fed Ex says that it's on schedule to be delivered on Friday though...


Mine are all arriving before their scheduled date. Kohl's have all arrived, Microsoft Store arrived, Best Buy arrived... Maybe one or two things scheduled for tomorrow, but that's about it!


Yesterday - 5 boxes from UPS, 1 from FedEx, 1 package from USPS.
Today - 3 boxes from UPS, 2 boxes and a package from USPS.
Can't wail till tomorrow.

Edit: Many of the boxes had more than one item in them.


Yes, I've actually gotten everything I've ordered from Black Friday shopping (Just got the last box from UPS an hour ago). Oddly enough, I'm still waiting on orders from Woot placed days before Black Friday to even ship... I guess that changes the subject a little though. heh.


I didn't buy anything on black friday but my amazon subscription items arrived as expected. I'm done ordering things until january because the temp delivery drivers they hire for december can't get our addresses right around here.


Most of mine arrived Monday and the rest on Tuesday.


I ordered a camera from NewEgg on BF. It came with free 2-day shipping, but they used some service called OnTrac instead of anything, you know, known. It was supposed to be here on Tuesday, but they rescheduled. I only found out when I checked the tracking after it was supposed to be delivered. No e-mail or anything from OnTrac. So I take a 2nd day off to wait for the package. I call ontrac after 5pm asking if my package was coming, they tried to tell me it had been delivered. It had not. They try to call their driver, and he shut off his phone. So I contact NewEgg, and they told NewEgg it was delivered already too. When I told them that wasn't true, they must have bugged OnTrac too, because an hour later, days late and AFTER hours, the guy shows up, and literally throws the box at me.

I got a call from OnTrac to confirm my package's delivery. They said the driver was trying to ditch the remaining part of his shift.

NewEgg credited me $50 for this.

Moral: OnTrac bites.


@sidduction: Wow they actually admitted that the driver was doing something wrong though? That's rather unheard of, most businesses will just give you the run around "oh, we were just backed up" etc. etc..
Props to NewEgg for trying to make it right with you.


I didn't order anything on BF. I have found throughout the years that most of the best sales are leading up to it. Of course, there are aberations that only happen on BF, like the tv at a ridiculously low price, but there is only like the U.S.

I have received everything I ordered before hand though.


Nope, I havent received any packages this week. And I lost track of what I order too... I think I bought too much.


As of yesterday I have everything. Except my random shirts.