questionscan an item be listed more than once in 30 days?


there is a FAQ in progress at: It has a merchant section, but it does not specifically address your question. My understanding is that once a deal is listed, it cannot be relisted again unless the deal has changed (like a new price). It sounds like you are offering a better coupon deal, so it should qualify for relisting. Try to expire the deal from the original account that listed it - that will immediately RIP (Rest In Peace) the original deal. Otherwise Tattle on the deal to say it has expired with an explanation and one of the Moderators should RIP the original listing at some point. Once that is done, you should be able to relist the deal with the new coupon.


Thank you, that's very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to explain it so thoroughly.


One other thing. They really want your username to reflect the vendor you are representing so that everyone else recognizes you as part of the deals you are listing. I don't know what you are selling, but if it is not obviously related to "chuckerbird" in some way, you might want to go with a different moniker.


Yes, after reading the merchant rules, I sent an email to support asking for a name change. I guess I'll hear from them after the weekend. Thank you again for your timely information...I appreciate it a lot.


@chuckerbird: To save you a few minutes...

There is no name change possible. Just make a new account, and let the old one lie fallow. You can make a new account right now, even, and then return here to say you've done it. This is actually a good thing to do, since we'll recognize you when we see you on the deals side.

I'll check back in a bit. Hopefully you'll see this soon.


@chuckerbird: Another thing to consider is that just because the rules don't prohibit something doesn't make it a good idea, and even a product or deal that is initially welcomed by the community will become an object of ridicule (and a flood of downvotes) if it's repeated too often. Nobody likes spam.