questionsanyone know of any good toner recycling programs?


Staples, Office Max, Best Buy and local big-box retail/office/electronic stores have recycle programs. Have a large bin to put used toner in, then once a month, or week, or whichever, bring them to the closest local store. Maybe one on your route to and from work?


To add to @xarous' comment, the office stores typically have rewards programs where you get $2 credit for recycling each cartridge, up to a maximum of 10 a month. So get $20 in store credit by being responsible ... why not?


I believe Staples and other office supply stores take toner in the same way they do ink recycling. Try there. Staples will also take old monitors/ computers, but I think you have to pay them to recycle those.

Staples will also give you a small credit per cartridge, so you can always use those to buy paper for the office or something.