questionsdo you think the idea of "day"s is overrated?


Yes. Especially Monday. Those should be abolished.


Yes, I think that a lot of certain "days" could be lumped into a "Hallmark's Day".


No. I like to celebrate something different every day. For instance, today is National Jelly Bean day and tomorrow is Talk like Shakespeare day. Today, I got to celebrate my love for those little candies that Ronald Reagan was crazy about and tomorrow, I'll get to say things like "Huzzah!" and "Pray tell my fair maiden" and it won't seem as weird when I explain to people that it's Talk like Shakespeare day.


@captainsuperdawg: tomorrow (4/23) is also national cherry cheesecake day and picnic day. so have a shakespearian picnic celebrating cherry cheesecake.

yes, there are to many days to celebrate xyz, but if there weren't we would be a depressed world. face it, we all know someone that is celebrating something each day.


@okham: garfield accomplished that in one of his cartoons-turned out horrible. tuesdays became the new grumble day. orders that were only done on monday meant that everything was out of stock. deliveries weren't made. people didn't get paid (because payroll was only deposited on mondays). trashday was monday. etc, etc, etc.


@moosezilla: I don't know, I think if you need an excuse other than "hey the world didn't end" to celebrate whenever you feel like, that's pretty depressing too.

It just smacks of too much marketing for me I guess. I get no solidarity or good vibes eating asparagus on National Asparagus Day, or talking like a really bad pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day.