questionspvc for clothing?


PVC clothing is not built for comfort, it's more like fetish clothing. Bamboo has fibers similar to cotton, soft and breathable but more durable than cotton. It's also considered a sustainable (green) product because the stuff grows like weeds.


I work in the construction industry and in this era of "green" buildings, PVC free materials used on buildings gets major kudos.

I hear PVC clothing, I think of those green buildings rating people rolling by and deducting points off your "green rating".

Ok, it's 11:25 pm, I really need to stop thinking about work or I'll have nightmares...


@ohcheri: Oh! cheri...Thanks for the explanation. Clothing not built for comfort, just what I'd want. /sarcasm Thankfully I don't have that fetish. Silk is good and not fetishy <---not a word Those little worms work hard, don't they? Bamboo is as soft as cotton? Do recall it's a green product, but mostly thought of it in terms of flooring. Thanks again!


i know the vendor you're talking about, with s e x in the vendor name. i always double take when i see their posts. like whaaaa??
their PVC clothes look like regular latex clothes. perhaps that could be the next woot site, naughty.woot


@w00tgurl: Now there's a new.woot idea....