questionshow much should i sell my ring for?


Well, you are asking two different questions, how much is it worth, and how much can you get for it. I would suggest having it appraised, and you can see how much it is worth. I would suggest looking at EBay for similar items that have bids to see what people are willing to pay for such an item. I make jewelry and some things are actually cheaper to cannibalize from finished jewelry, so I spend a lot of time on EBay looking at jewelry. There are some very high end pieces on there, some priced in the millions. No one seems to ever bid on them, but I'd imagine they are just using EBay to show off their product, I assume anyone actually interested would fly to buy in person.

Personally I don't care for diamonds, I prefer warmer stones in cabochon cuts.


Look, I'll give you a hundred bucks for it. There's really not a market for diamond rings right now so I have no idea how long it'll be sitting in my shop.


Thanks for the input. It was actually appraised in 1998 at $3000.00, but I'm sure things are different now.


@twelch30: Appraised for what purpose? Insurance value? By the person/dealer that sold you the ring? Appraisals come in many sizes. An insurance appraisal tends to be much higher than the amount of money someone will give you for a ring. In addition, rings are very personal. Unless the setting and style are very traditional and conservative, it's likely that you have something that's worth less than you paid for it.

I love jewelry. I have several rings with diamonds. They were each bought for their intrinsic beauty, and not for their value. I favor Old European Cut diamonds (similar to Mine Cut), and dislike newer diamonds, and modern settings.

Your best bet for actual money for this ring is to take it to a reputable pawn shop. No, not kidding. Currently most other places are going to offer you money based on the value of the gold, and that market's taken a recent dip.

Any reason you're asking random strangers about this, rather than someone local?


Ya the appraisal was from the wholesaler we bought it from. I just thought I would get other peoples opinions before I walked into a pawn shop. I'm not a big jewelry person and this has no place in my life any longer since, I am now divorced and have moved on. It almost sounds like I'm offending people by asking a question that I really have no answer to. Just looking for some simple advice. Thanks for all the input though.


@twelch30: To answer your unasked, but alluded to, question. You just made your account today, you've had no other activity here, and you're asking us to provide you with assistance. Consider that you are (as I'd said) asking the opinion of strangers.

In addition, you should actually get a paid appraisal from someone who is in the business of making appraisals. Ask for the appraisal to be for value, and not insurance replacement. Armed with that, you may get a better price from a pawn shop. Or not.

At the very least, the appraiser should be a member of the "Gemological Institute of America" and possibly with the "International Society of Appraisers" as well.

One of the rings I'm wearing right now has an insurance appraisal (from 2009, before gold got crazy) of $1100, but I purchased it at auction for $150. If I wanted to sell it, today, I might be able to get $200. Maybe.

[Edit: The correct name is "Fair Market Value" for the appraisal you want.]