questionshow would you ship a bed?


Where do you live now? Do you have a friend with a truck who might be willing to follow you for a roadtrip and some free dinners?


The cheapest way to move that small quantity of stuff is to call a freight company like ABF. They drop the trailer, you pay for a certain amount of cubic feet, you fill it, they haul it and it shows up in a week or so for you to unload. But if that stuff is not expensive furniture and you're not in love with it, it may be easier and cheaper to just sell it and buy new stuff when you get there.


You can get a really small Uhaul, I've seen them pickup size. Maybe you can try getting a quote for a Uhaul vs a freight company.


I agree with @ohcheri: I got a small uhaul for about the same amount of stuff and drove it down the east coast.

Good luck with the winters in Indiana, unless you're used to them. :)


ABF calls that service U-Pack ... its a pretty good deal for smaller stuff. Key there is vertical stacking height its as high as a semi (it is a semi trailer) if you are close to one of their shipping centers you can save cash by taking it to the shipping yard and then unloading it at the shipping yard as well

(or there is the kind where they drop a box at your house)


I would have to agree with @ohcheri on this one. A small U-Haul should be cheaper than shipping costs.


@jsimsace: Yes. Shipping costs would be ridonkulous. I just shipped some Legos that I sold on eBay that weighed in at 50 pounds. Doing it the cheapest way possible was nearly $70. And that was only because I was able to pack them down into a computer-sized box. Once the boxes get as big as what a bed would be, it will be super duper expensive, regardless of weight.


Maybe I'm just cheap but just try to sell it and buy a new one on the other side. Shipping a bed will be expensive and a hassle.


@mikecris: I'll give them a call ASAP, thanks!
@ohcheri: Uhauls are actually pretty expensive compared to other options (the quote was for about $1300 just for the truck rental - I estimate gas to be somewhere less than $1000 with 4-5 mpg)
@okham: We get cold winters here too, but I hear it's colder in Indiana, so no, I'm not used to them.

Does anyone have experience with freight shipping? I heard about it from a lady at work, and she made it sound not too expensive (but she was older...)


Unless you're super attached to the furnigure, I think it would be smart to just sell it and buy more once you get there.

If you really want to bring it with you, Uhaul is probably your cheapest bet, sadly, since you do all the work yourself. Or get a price quote for Pods.


I think that I'm with @purplefeather on this one. The amount of furniture that you are moving isn't very large, and either way you do it, the moving expense is going to be significant. I'm thinking that selling what you have and buying some when you get there may be the way to go.

You haven't mentioned how long you are going to be there. If you are only there for a year or less, consider renting furniture from Cort or someplace similar. They deliver it and when you are ready to move they come and haul it away.


How not to ship a bed:

Getting on I10 at lunch today, a car swung from the middle lane to cut me off. It was a small car with a king-sized mattress on top. The mattress was not secured, the driver and passenger were trying to just hold it on top of the car with their hands as they drove 50mph down the freeway, with faster traffic rushing up behind them and cutting around them. I was getting off at the first exit, when I got to the light I called 911 and reported that accident-waiting-to-happen.