questionswhat do you think about the new layout?


I don't like it much, too confusing. I really hate how they made all Subscribe and Save orders the same day of the month. A pain to manage now.


@pxb006 Well now I know why it keeps getting reposted; if you search for Amazon (which is what I did before I posted) you don't get any of the results. You have to search specifically for to see all the posts. Well, anyways, sorry for the repost...

Anyone know the way to do a search where it would show both Amazon and search results if you just searched for Amazon? I.E. what search codes or characters can you use to search where it shows all results, even if there are more characters at the beginning/end of the word.


@the18thtee84: I found those posts by searching for Amazon.


@the18thtee84: It's like any other search; you have to be a little creative in your search terms. As a test, I searched on "amazon" and got a slew of responses, including the previous questions posted about amazon's redesigned layout. You could also try the 'advanced search' feature, which gives you other options to fine-tune your search.

Hint: around here (and most everywhere else I've been, for that matter), "" is usually just called "amazon."


@pxb006 @magic cave: Well now I am completely confused because I have searched 5 different times using the same search term and I get 0 similar questions in the past 30 days.

I have gone through every single post in the past 30 days, and none of them are asking about the new amazon layout...

Oh well, obviously something is going on so I will do more detailed searches next time.

But what I was asking for is what the special characters I need to put around the word Amazon, so that my search results would include all forms of the word; Amazonian,, Amazon's, Bamazoned (not a real word, just an example), etc.


I didn't like the new look either... unless they make a link that goes directly to my profile.