questionssales keep getting deleted?


Perhaps you have been posting duplicates. Do you read the "deja vu" notes that pop up when you add a deal? Do you check to see if someone else has posted the same deal prior to you posting your deal?
Adult toys & lubes aren't allowed. XXX stuff is not allowed. Mystery items/boxes, not allowed. Chinese knock offs are not allowed, illegal download offers are a no go too, as are Etsy items, one offs, any site that re-directs you a time or two. Guns and ammunition are all on the "not allowed" list. But knives and shovels and axes and baseball bats are allowed.
Was it any of those?
Some shady vendor sites are also on a black list, but I couldn't tell you which ones they are.

@jumbowoot: What have I omitted?


Thanks for your in depth response. To answer: The site is a repeated website, but the sale is brand-new. I've searched up and looked at the possible match-ups suggested, but those are all months or years old.


@armstrong31: Even if it is months or years old - if it is the same price, same item, same site, same event it is classified as a duplicate.

@lavikinga: Also if it has a suggestive name, it seems to get deleted. I posted the ipad Joystick twice and it was removed before it was even a 30 seconds old.


@linkage89: complain to staff on that unnecessary delete? I sure would!


@linkage89: I'd like to see that one. I'm not denying that it was deleted. I just wouldn't think it would be for that reason. Do you mind reposting or showing us the link here?

Was it like this one?


@jumbowoot: It was that very item from thinkgeek. I posted it the several days before the one you linked in your comment. I remember seeing this one a little while after I tried to post and didn't bother to vote for it as I thought it would soon be deleted. I guess it was allowed after all.


@armstrong31: sometimes i post deals from sites that are deal-a-day sites. the site URL (link) is the exact same everyday, and when i add the deal in deals.woot the subject line that gets populated automatically is the exact same.
so when i go to add the deal, i edit the subject line, the header, to say what this item is. then i fill in this item's price, paste in a legit description, pick the best pic, add some relevant tags, and post.
for those sites, you shouldn't keep the usual info they put in their titles and menus. put what THIS item is instead.
hope that helps...