questionsdo energy drinks work for you?


I started out with Monster and Red Bull back in my teens, but I've been using 5-hour energy only now since those really worked for me and it only takes a second to chug it all down before going to class.

Some side effects though:
- No urge to sleep later in the day, even though you only had three hours of sleep.
- Elevated levels of anxiety or nervousness.
- Heart can be felt pumping (palpitations).

Other than that, no crashes like I used to with the other drinks as long as I drink a can of soda the next day to help wean off the caffeine withdrawal (really terrible headache).


I've never tried one. Seriously.


I put half a 5 hr Energy in my am smoothies, and usually have a bottle around the office in case I need a sip to avoid a post-lunch lull. Works well for me.


drink them daily. 1 on my first break @ work. normally one of the rockstar or amp varietals. lately my drink of choice is Rockstar Xdurance, but the amp sugarfree lightning (Lemonade) is darn tasty too.

I actually replaced Smoking with energy drinks back in '04. never a real heavy smoker (pack a week), but it was a simple caffeine for Nicotine substitution for me.

The energy concoction that's worked the best for me over the years(when I've actually needed an energy drink) has been a 50/50 mix of Redbull, and Orange juice. others have adapted the formula to Monster and Grapefruit, but energy drink+citrus juice seems to be a good formula

I've only really over done it once, about a month ago driving straight through coming home from vacation (Dallas to Lima OH- 1100mi, 18-22 hr range) the last 2 hours or so i was so caffeinated, the open potty stops (2-3am) were getting too far between. Lets just say I'll not be making that trip again without Depends.


I like red bull. Gives me more energy then a large coffee without all the time spent in the bathroom.


I'll drink half of a 5-hour energy if I need a pick-me-up. Always works and never had any ill effects.

I used to drink RedBull Vodka's at the bar all the time. Never left me sick or with a hangover, but it ALWAYS left me with blackouts. What's the point of having fun if you don't remember it? Not worth it.


I don't like to depend on them. And the Rockstars make me feel weird. Every once in a while I'll have a Red Bull..... maybe with a little vodka ;-)


I do a lot of distance driving. On occasion, I'll drink a Monster Zero (sugar free), and it does seem to help keep me awake. I sip it, not chug it, and the 16 oz. can usually takes an hour to drink.


I think the "new style" energy drinks are the way to go. Speed Energy is good for me with all its vitamins and it gives you energy without a high (and sometimes headache) followed by a crash. Monster and Red Bull are obsolete. Speed is similar to 5 hour energy but more enjoyable and great with alcohol!


I find it hard to start my day without one. My go to is Rockstar Recovery lemonade, only 20 calories and oh so tasty!


No, they don't work for me at all. All they do is make me feel really sick. Especially Red Bull and the Mountain Dew energy drinks. They just make me dizzy, light headed and quesy. I haven't had one since they first became popular though so its been a few years. I do have a couple friends who swear by Five Hour Energy though.


@djp519: Definitely agree with that. I once drank a monster + coffee + red bull at the same time, and lets just say it wasn't pretty. That's a risky combination that I would never do again, but it certainly kept me up :)


I occasionally drink a Monster, and yeah, it definitely helps me perk up for a few hours. The secret is to drink them in moderation.


@eeekdageek: They all have very similar taste. I think it's the Guarana that's in those drinks.


They do for me while drinking it and maybe for a short time later. But usually with the sugar in the ones I drink I start to crash relatively quickly. My "energy" drinks of choice is classic red bull and monster. As well as a few of the specialty flavors of monster but can't remember which. Know they don't count as an energy drink but a few flavorful espressos from Starbucks/other coffee shop aren't to bad for a bit of energy too.


Not a fan of the taste of "energy drinks" and the fact they have no nutritional value I don't drink them.


Man, I don't know what it is in Red Bull that drives humans insane when combined with alcohol, but it makes me nervous to drink the stuff at all. All you need is one really bad Red Bull Vodka hangover to never want it again.


I tried some no cal Red Bull a few days ago. I rarely get a full night of sleep (have a 7 month old), so I tend to be extremely tired esp. after the sun goes down. I drank some around 5pm and did seem to have more energy, no jitters, or other ill effects.

I did not find the taste to be all that great, but I would consider trying one again.


If, by work, you mean: do they give you heart palpitations? Then yes, they're amazing!