questionscan you help me print coupons to a pdf?


Can you be more specific? What coupons? Link will help.

What error? What software are you using to create the PDF?

Also, worded question to be a question. It's Wootpardy Deals!


I would make sure a PDF writer is your default printer. I don't know if this really works or not, but using something like CutePDF Writer as your default might allow you to do so.


Make it easy. Do a print screen, save the image, and email that.


Heres the issue when you go to any of the websites that have coupons, they all take you to a third party screen that just says click here to print your coupons. When you hit print it will tell you it has detected a device that is a storage device or non supported. I understand that this is too keep people from just posting the coupons and emailing them all around but I am just looking for a work around to beinging able to email them to another printer outside my home.

Most of them all lead you to a server run by and they will not let you print to PDF


@blukat44: Yes that works we have used it at work.


@jasonscamera: yeah, you're 100% correct: they won't let you save them electronically so that you don't share them on the internet. Ususlly those coupons have a barcode and are metered: only so many will be allowed to be printed, which is why they make you print to a physical printer instead of an print imager: they wouldn't be able to control distribution.

I've tried the PDF printer that comes with Acrobat, another free PDF writer, and iPrint (that's supposed to let you cut down on paper use), and their system catches that it's an electronic print each time.

Can you just click to print from work so that you can use your work printer, or is blocked at work?


@jasonscamera: I think I'm with @shrdlu on this one then - do a screen print. If you have Vista or Windows 7, you can use the Snipping Tool. I think Macs have something similar.


@thunderthighs: I think he's referring to the bricks-domain page that doesn't every show you the coupon before you print, just the little PC icon with flashing line of dots to a printer icon. Since they don't display the coupon image on screen, you can't screen shot it.

But, for reference, you can get the cross hairs to take a screen shot of a region on a Mac by pushing command-shift-4; drag and release to capture. I believe command-shift-3 will grab the entire monitor, including your cursor; it captures when you press the keys. If memory serves, if you hit the space bar after you've pushed command-shift-4 you can hover over windows and it will auto-size your region to capture just that window when you click it.



I use a program called paperport. I set it as my default printer. Everything I print, prints to that program. So if I print every target coupon, they all get stored in paperport. That way I can just print them when I need too. It also allows me to cut just one of the three per page and paste it into a new word doc. So if I want 3 $1/2 Nabisco coupons, I just highlight that specific coupon and paste it 3 times on a new doc. Viola! I can email it, print it, whatever.
This works with the bricks coupons too. They just print to paperport and I drag them to a physical printer when I am ready.

This program has saved me TONS in paper and toner!!!

The only exceptions I have found are coupons from the smartsource and redplum dot com sites.
They detect that you are saving a copy of the coupons you print and it will not allow you to do so until you set your default printer to a physical printer. Of course you can always just scan those after they print and save them in paperport or wherever.