questionsare you excited to find out who your wootizen boc…


excited to find out who will be receiving my yet to be put together BoC


awesome! very excited to get this rolling; I was so busy all week I almost missed the deadline yesterday!


Anyone will do...sorry poor soul whose name I receive.


Were we supposed to do anything other than respond to the e-mail with our information? I'm just hoping I'm signed up.


There was a second one? Aw man, I totally missed it.


@curli76: To my knowledge, that was all you needed to do. We should be getting the emails sometime today with our person.


I've already sent out 1 BOC to a wootizen. Tracking says it should be there today, but with holiday delays, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't take a little longer. Can't wait to get feedback for that one. :P

My Official BOC exhcange BOC is packed and ready to go as soon as I get a name and address.


Did the emails with the addresses go out yet? I haven't received mine and I know I signed up.