questionscan anyone recommend a good non-stick grill…


Are you looking for a basket like the one in the picture or an actual pan? If a pan, have you tried cast iron? Well seasoned cast iron is non-stick and I have used both cast iron and woks on grills and over open campfires many times.


@moondrake: Something like what's in the picture. I had one but it was horrible, everything stuck to it.


Did you try spraying it with a non-stick spray? Another option for cooking fish on the grill is using a cedar or alder plank. You can get them for $7.59 at KMart. I can't see how manuy is in the package as the website won;t open, I would guess 4. Or 20 small ones for $20 with a free jar of hazelnut rub here. Shipping is pricey, though.

Instructions and recipes (the orange and bourbon salmon sounds wonderful!)


Second moondrake's cast iron suggestion.

I have Lodge Logic pans that have been non-stick from the start and hold up pretty well. It even has very simple and clear instructions for a "kitchen-idiot" like me with how to season it again when it wears down.

It takes only a little bit of work every time you cook with it and a little extra work every few months (depending on use and what you cook). Now, you can't cook absolutely everything in the pan, but almost everything you would want to use a charcoal-grill pan for (including fish), a cast-iron will suffice and excel. You can even grab one of their grill pans to pseudo-grill if you lack an outdoor grill like me.


Cooks Illustrated recommends this basket. Havn't used it myself but I have yet to be disappointed after making purchases based on their testing and recommendations.

They also say it's possible to successfully grill without sticking directly on the grates provided they are very clean, very hot, and once hot coated liberally with vegetable oil (via a wad of paper towels & tongs). I can't vouch for this either, though, as I prefer to pan-saute or broil fish.


@afurball: Yea the test kitchen/ cooks illustrated people have never steered me wrong either


I have one similar to the one you linked from Target, except that it is flat bottomed. I mostly use it for grilling marinated vegetables but have used it for chicken tenders and the like. I've never used it for fish. The handle is wood and metal and is designed to fold over (into) the pan. It cannot be removed. However, I have wrapped the handle with a few wet paper towels and then aluminium foil. This way, I just fold it over the pan and close the grill. The wood has darkened a bit but has not burned.

For fish, I use an ancient thing similar to the one linked to by @afurball, except that the spaces between the wires are smaller (about 3/4") and I never had the handle for mine (I use metal tongs to flip it, etc). I occasionally have minor sticking issues with it but keeping it clean (with steel wool) and using oil reduces this problem.


@moondrake: I always spray it and have tried both the regular spray and the grilling spray with no luck. I haven't tried the plank technique yet but it's on the list of things I want to give a shot.


Thanks for all the suggestions folks. That's one of the best things about this little "community" people are helpful and there is very little trolling or flaming.