questionswas your computer clock off this morning??


my clock has always on DRM


My computer stays on 24/7. The time was correct this morning when I got up.


It was good. Just wish I could figure out how to re-set the cats' and dogs' internal clocks.


Since i never rule out the simple solutions - two things to check: was daylight savings enabled in the first place , and did you have the correct timezone set?


@goatcrapp: Yep, both were set correctly. My computer has always updated as it should in the past; this is the first time I've see this happen! I actually did a double-take when I noticed the abnormality. Must just be a fluke I guess.


Check and see if your computer has the patch KB2779562 December 2012 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems. Also was your computer shut down during the actual time change?


My computer always adjusts automatically. Have you run a malware/spyware scan lately?


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I love the Chicago reference. The music group, not the city.


My Windows also did the same thing!!!! I dual boot with linux so it wasnt until later in the evening when I booted up windows and all of a sudden lost ANOTHER hour. Because I had already adjusted my clocks it just looked like it was an hour ahead and like I forgot to adjust my clocks. Only I distinctly remembered adjusting my clocks.... Thankfully google is very helpful when you google "what time is it" or I would have thought I was crazy.

Doesn't surprise me in the least since anything written by Microsoft is a POS.

Was too lazy to look up the instructions/command line options to set it with a net time server, and I only ever boot it up to play games, so I am fine with just manually adjusting it.

@goatcrapp: those are good common problems that people have on DST shift days, but neither would explain a 2 hour shift.