questionswill you help me save a brilliant comedy from theā€¦


Have heard good things about that show and I always like to see what members of the Wayans family are up to, but haven't managed to watch it. Good luck with the petition.


I'm a fan but I don't think a petition is going to help. All they care about is the ratings and ad revenue.

I was surprised when it lasted more than half a season to be honest.


Fan protests can help some. Jericho fans sent over 20 tons of nuts (a reference from the show related to defiance) when the show was canceled and won a seven-episode second season.

La Femme Nikita was originally canceled on a season finale totally unacceptable to fans and protest won a short final season with a much more acceptable closure.

Roswell was canceled and fans sent thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce, favored by the characters, and won two more seasons.

Best of luck with your show. As you can see, sci-fi drama is more my cuppa than comedies, but there is too much crap on TV to cancel what little of good there is.


@samstag: The current fan theory is that it might follow the way of Cougar Town, and migrate over to TBS.

I mean, honestly, does TBS really need 7 weak Tyler Perry projects? Nope!

Cougar Town has been performing well since the move, and TBS is happy with the numbers.


Before I clicked through to read the full question, I just knew you were talking about Happy Endings.

I saw the two back-to-back episodes they did a couple weeks ago and did not like this show at all. Just could not get into it, but I know they have some fervent fans so good luck!


That's a pity that it might be canceled, good show, good writing.

Not that I'm surprised. Being good pretty much ensures cancellation these days.

I've actually just been rewatching better off ted, another great show that got canceled too soon.


It was on the precipice of being canceled before. ABC has given it more than enough of a chance to find an audience. And that audience is leaving. I enjoy the show, but I am not a Nielsen family.

Worst case scenario: It will get axed after this season wraps up.
Best case scenario: A short order (7 episodes or so) 4th season before being axed.
Or it could pull a Community; fire the showrunner and bring it back, but I doubt it.

Why would ABC invest in a sitcom that barely generates money, while they could add another Dancing with the "Stars" and generate 4x the revenue?

I appreciate the effort, however.


Okay, signed the petition, but not optimistic this will have a happy ending....