questionswant to be in a woot video?


No. Can I come to your house with a camera?

I have a feeling they're just going to make you seem crazy. It doesn't matter if you're really crazy or not, you'll be REALLY crazy in the eyes of the viewers by the time they're done. They're all gonna laugh at you.


I'll be around Saturday, but I have to work on Friday. Hard to believe I'm been buying stuff from you for 7 damn years.


Yeah, I'm in for Saturday. My pregnant wife might not be too happy, but it could be a fun surprise to have a camera crew pop in.


I don't think you could afford me.
The shipping charges (plane ticket to fly me to Sacramento} might be the deal killer.


I'm around on Friday. Saturday, not so much!


:( Not in Sacramento. Boo!


I live in Sacramento half time, and I will be home/in Sacramento! I work Friday until 5ish and also have to go to Ikea on Friday because I am not liking the mattress I bought from them; Saturday would work. My husband and dog will also be around. My apartment is very sparsely furnished! I have exciting pink hair though!


Sure, but I don’t have a standard living arrangement.

I find a house that no one wants. It could be an extra one on the market that the builder couldn’t sell, or a house that the owner returned to the builder. And I live there, but only for 24 hours. Every night, at midnight central, I move to a different house for the next 24 hours. I do this every day.

But, every once in a while I will move back into a house in which I previously lived and stay there until someone actually buys the house and kicks me out. Then, I pack all of my crap into a bag and move into a different house I previously lived in until that house is sold. Sometimes I could stay in the house for quite a while, and other times, I would move on in just minutes. And at least once during these frantic moves, I would leave behind my bag of crap for anyone to keep, first come, first served.



When I am so delirious from the constant moves that I start to see flying monkeys, I know that it is time to go back to my regular living arrangement of “One day, One house™”

So, sure, you can film me, but I can’t imagine anyone here would be interested in my story.


Awesome! Those of you who expressed some interest, check your PMs. I sent you my email address so we can start coordinating. You're the best! Around!


To bad I don't live in Sacramento.