questionsdo you get excited about a bag of crap after you…


It's not just a thrill. People have gotten awesome items like TVs. I remember one guy got a pallet of car wax. So while there is a thrill factor, there's also that rare bit of awesome.

For the record, my April Fools bag also sucked. Big time!


I don't so much care about what's inside the bag of crap, I just like getting it.


Pretty much everything about getting to the point of scoring a bag of crap is better than what ever is inside the box when it arrives.

It is definitely about the thrill of the chase for me.

I have gotten many over the years, some were good, some were bad, but none were great.


When I have read the contents posted by people who have received the BOCS lately, I am less than impressed except by the fact that those people were actually able to complete the transaction. Back in the day - I find myself typing that phrase constantly - people did score such items as monitors, speakers, etc. I don't know when that stopped, but I suspect with the dawning of the day of amazon control.


I still get excited when I score one, I just don't get as disappointed when I don't.


Always excited. The battle it takes to get one makes it worth the excitement. Although I have yet to get anything good in a BoC, its still a fun gamble.