questionswhat's your xbox live gamer tag?


Mine is the same as my woot ID too but I don't have time to play games so I haven't used my XBOX for at least 3 months now.


Same as my woot tag ----->
Hit me up if you like. I play mostly BF3. Might pick up Gotham City Imposters this week. Beta was a blast.


Mine's MoleratioSanz. It was an old joke from my chemistry class. When calculating gas mixtures and chemical equations (or something like that), we had to factor in the "mole ratio" at which point one of my friends thought it sounded an awful like "Horatio" aka Horatio Sanz, the big latino guy on SNL. So, every time we talked about the mole ratio in class, he'd always snicker and say "Moleratio Sanz!" Yes it's stupid, but it was funny. The saddest part is he's close to 30 years old and this was only about 1 1/2 years ago. You can add me if you want, but no guarantees I'll accept. I mostly watch Netflix on it, so not a big chance we'll be gaming together.


I don't know how it happened. I swear I didnt pick it. I remember it used to be something like my woot tag, I havent been on Xbox live in about 5 years but when I logged in recently it had already associated my login information with this tag, so please don't judge me. I am TsunamicTrout7. I know it dosn't have the quite the ring to it that batman has, but what can you do? Microsoft said I was the Trout so I just roll with it.


its shadowblue42

have not played in a while but Halo is my game for sure


@wickedd365: YES! Gotham City Imposters was a blast although, I only got my code toward the end of the beta.


DrFiddleballs- I'm currently working on Red Dead, but I toss Halo in every once in awhile.


ThrillaB Been hooked on MW3 for a month or so, but I have several other games I could mix in if I knew others were playing them...


@wickedd365 @jeremytheindian Either of you guys buy it? I'm seriously considering it, but I just got such a huge backlog as it is..
I would be even more considering it but they DIDN'T ADD ANY F-ING GUNS to the full ver. it's still the sameolsheet.


@drchops: Not yet. I'm waiting on my friend to get it who is waiting on me to get him a MS points card which I keep forgetting every time I got to the store.
Tonight. Sunday at the latest.

I don't care that they didn't add guns. It plays fair.


@wickedd365: I think that's about the point I'm at.. I went to play Monday Night Combat because it's supposed to be along the same lines as GCI and I already own it from a sale awhile back..

Long story short; it's not :)


I plan on getting GCI soon... I'll wait a few more days to see if MS points go on sale anywhere.


@drchops jeremytheindian: Finally downloaded it last night. Had a blast in the hour or so I played.
I'll be on again tomorrow (Tuesday) night if anyone want to play.


same as my woot name, use the same one a lot of places.. if you see an earlyre on a website or forum, it's very likely me.

i have been...stuck isn't the right word... faithfully, playing Forza 4 since it came out last fall.
my connection is just crappy enough to really explore the whole online gaming thing