questionsdid you know fresh cake (plus other shirts) areā€¦


Also, a shout out to @jezelbelseven since USPS lost your shirt order last time. Here's your chance again!


Oh man, I was seriously JUST thinking about how woot needs to bring back purple shirts on Friday. mondo bizzaro


Yup! I bought my back up Fresh Cake before I came over to ATC. :)
It's my first shirt purchase since the lact time Fresh Cake was on AA, in Oct.


I love that Shirt.Woot still occasionally sells purple and orange shirts on AA... I just wish they'd pick some better/different designs to print on those colors! ("Better" being a subjective term, I know.) Any other obscure colors that Anvil doesn't supply for AA does, that we could add to that list?


@thumperchick: Not that all of these are mine, nor does it reflect the +2 I picked up last month, but I'm pondering if I need to buy any more myself. ^_^

@djp519: Anvil offers orange now too. Given that orange AA blanks were distributed in last month's 3-packs, it sounds as if those are being phased out now.

I touched upon the colors in this post; what other changes that may be in store, I have zero idea.