questionsafter yesterday, is anyone going to do theā€¦


i'm leaning towards "probably not". i admit that i am curious as to what measures they're putting in place to make sure yesterday's debacle is not repeated.


Nah. I'll probably just go get a few enemas instead.

Anywho, there's only 200 for sale -- hardly worth it.


Why bother when you get it and it gets ripped out of your hands because of a bunch of complaints?


I may but my heart isn't in it today.
I might do it just to play with puzzle pieces and scraps of paper on the floor again.


Best of luck to ye scurvy dogs brave enough to try.


I will probably just wait till someone else solves the puzzle for me and posts it on another deal site instead of wasting 12 hours of my life like I did yesterday...


Didn't care yesterday, don't care today. I'm not playing.


Absolutely. Had a blast yesterday, and will have a blast today.


Spend another day just to get no reward (not the end of the world) and be called a cheater? No thanks.


@kfujita: Well, it looks like they asked the artist who created the map for them to take the poorly censored sketch of it off his blog. The sketch had locations not used on the map for yesterday. I'm not playing along today so I couldn't tell you if those unused locations are in use on today's or not.


nope! F off woot off. I've tried really really hard to get a BOC when it comes along after work hours. I've never been able to get one. I can't refresh Faceboot or Twitter at 11AM EST every day. Why would I keep trying or even keep coming here after all the crap yesterday? I actually had a chance...NOPE! Woot can go scratch. So lame here now (not you guys).


No. From earlier:

I'd say everyone abstain, let Woot! know we prefer a different method and do not like the handling of the Buccaneers of Caribbean#39;s all around this time. The only way to let them know is to not participate, if everyone did it would send the message. Just sayin'.

Hope everyone has a great day!


@kfujita: My guess is that the top 200 people to write posts complaining will get a BOC, thus I'm going to try my hardest again today!!


More power to you guys. I was pumped to crack today's map too, but what's the point? It's not like anyone will actually be allowed to buy it.


I figure my odds are better since everyone else is disgusted and will sit it out. Plus, I had fun piecing it together.

Looks like the pieces are being given to us in a more "random" order. I noticed that yesterday's pieces in general seemed to fit into the previous piece, so it was easier to divine the right URL.


Tried to yesterday then decided not worth it. I miss the old ways of randomly being up and the facebook ones.


I'm watching the pieces. But, I'm not going to be an idiot like last night and stay up waiting for the last piece. When I want to go to bed, I'm going... map done or not.


@the18thtee84: I've seen statements like this a few times, but I don't understand it. If you're just piecing the map together why would it take you 12 hours?

You know the map won't be finished until near the end of the day so just go to the blog, hit ctrl-f, type -treasure-, get all the pieces of the map from that page, repeat until you have all the pieces that came out over the course of the day, paste in paint with transparency.

Shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes, then all you need to do is wait for the last piece or two.