questionsdoes woot have more iphone users or android ?


Upvote here for any generation Iphone


Upvote here for any kind of Android phone


Vote here for no smartphone


As a side note on my personal note I use an Iphone4s and have used an iphone for 3 years now and I hate myself for it. I am not a apple fan and never have been. But even after trying a HTC ONE S android for a couple of weeks I feel like Apple just makes the better phone and thats why I use it.


I like my android but my husband wants a 4S. I have so much android based stuff I am not sure I want to switch now. Husband uses his android as a phone and his ipod for music.


I upvoted all answers here because I have a Razr. It works just fine for my needs.


There's been a sort of anti-iPhone backlash lately, but I I had to replace my broken 3GS and got an 4S. Why? I've purchased several apps and really don't want to purchase them again or find replacements. I'm not an Apple fanboy(I have a Motorola Xoom tablet). I find that both iPhones and Android phones would fit my needs and I'm sure I'd be happy with either one(and have complaints). They work as a phone and can get on the Internet, so it really just comes down to saving my apps and the ease of transferring from the old model to the new model.

That said, you usually can find better deals on Android based phones...


Upvote here for Windows Phone . lol


When I switched from a Sony Ericcson non-smart phone, I got the iPhone 3gs. I was looking at various smart phones, and almost bought the new Ericcson at the time. The 3GS happened to be only $50 with a new plan (which I had to sign anyway, because my brother came on my plan with me). My brother called it...he said just get the iPhone, because you are in love with your iPod touch. Great call, and if it didn't get so laggy sometimes (thanks to the updates), I'd probably be throwing a party. I'm glad I was able to transfer all my app purchases from the touch to the iPhone. But, I do love Apple products anyway, I repair iPods as a hobby (not always successfully, lol).