questionsdoes anyone know a good uk region spoofer ?


I would love one also. Dang, BBC not allowing me to see any of the Doctor Who stuff unless I wait until it hits BBC America. :(


Not sure if this will do, but here goes.

It's a subscription service. I have not used it, just came across it.


So proxyserver along with are ones I used in the past but dont seem to work on the bigger sites (ie people with real security). If anyone had thoughts about generating a fake VPN site as well it would get pretty technical but I am open to ideas on that as well.

Seems to do it but they charge 12 bucks a month. They do have a 3 day trial that auto-renews against your paypal though so that would be a way to try it out.

If anyone tries it let me know. I want a free one though.


@djbowman: if you're trying to watch a tv show, let me know if you're interested in a bitmetv invite.


@kamikazeken: This man right here has powers most of us would kill for.