questionswhat's the worst april fools joke?


Computer ones, the ones I have to fix for people.
Here is some of the worst


I had a friend who's girlfriend once told him his dog had been hit by a car while he was at work. He did not appreciate the April Fool's joke, and neither did anyone else. That kind of prank is just cruel... I'd rather stick to filling up shampoo bottles with something gross or the classic saran wrapping of the toilet seat!


Apparently scoring free food, by spending last week telling all your coworkers about the potluck lunch on Monday, is frowned upon where I work. Lesson learned. Lunch was tasty though.


One of the corniest and groan inspiring that I usually try to get one person with per year is to point down at a person's feet and tell them their sock is untied. Bonus if it is someone not even wearing socks.


A friend posted on Facebook that he had an extra comp (free) ticket to Book of Mormon. Over a hundred of our nerdy theater friends responded asking if they could have it. . .
but Book of Mormon, being the most popular show on Broadway, doesn't really give comps.
It might not seem like much, but to a theater fan, that is just LOW. (Thankfully I am not one of the hundred people who responded.)