questionsis there anything a roku can do that a ps3 can't?


The Roku can get a lot of channels that aren't available on the PS3. The big one (for me at least) is Amazon videos.


What @samstag said. The PS3 probably only has Netflix, Hulu Plus, and a couple others. The Roku contains plenty of channels that can be considered "specialty" channels, like News, Sports, Music, etc. So, if all you want out of your streaming device is movies and tv, then I'd stick with the PS3. If you want to watch a lot more stuff, then get a Roku.


roku can't lose your password, login, and credit card info to hackers, all while being offline for months on end. Roku also can't lie about said loss. Roku also doesn't try to spy on you, sue you, or restrict you from using your device in new and creative ways.


Roku is very small, and easily portable. This means you can take your channels with you, as you go. You can plug it into networks, or use hotel connections (even if it means setting up ad-hoc wireless with a laptop or other).

It takes up a fraction of the electric. It is a self-contained little unit with little to break, and doesn't stop working if a kid shakes it.
It also comes with an instant $100 rebate vs. what you pay for a PS3 if you didn't buy a cheap PS3 and went with the roku, so that is nice.


@kamikazeken: That's not true. Roku hosts all that stuff on their servers, just like Sony does. If Roku gets hacked, you're just as vulnerable as with the PSN hack.


And for remotes, you still need to use a controller. The Roku remote is about as simple as you can get.


To add on to what @hackman2007 said, you can also download Roku remote apps for iOS/Android for yet another quick and easy remote.


Well lookie there, Woot! knew what you wanted and put one on sellout for ya.


Roku has a usb port for looking at photographs, listening to music and supposedly movies. I haven't been able to get a movie on a thumb drive to play but I'm all thumbs when it comes to video formats, so it's just me.


Roku also gives you remote control. There are a number of channels that are redundant. There are also channels that are "private" but if you have the number for it from online you can enter it into your Roku to view channels not on Rokus list but once again most of them are already there except for the naughty channels.


The thing about Amazon Instant Video on the PS3 isn't true anymore. A month or two back, they launched on the PS3, and they just launched on the 360.

So, really, no reason to get a Roku if you have a PS3.

I have two PS3s, but I did that mostly because of the cost ($200 new on sale with remote and games from Costco), and the bluray capability. At the time, bluray players were going for more if you wanted streaming capability, and Roku is streaming only so, I went PS3.