questionswhat are your thoughts on buying silver (or any…


You mean appreciate or depreciate in your safe. No precious metal investment is a sure thing.


I'll take my chances. Silver is cheap and it can only get better if the (Profanity) hits the fan.


Considering silver was worth $13.00 an ounce just five years ago and the state of the economy, I believe the price is a little too high at the moment.

Precious metals seem to be more valuable when the stock market is down and less valuable when the stock market is up.

If you are buying precious metals right now you are fulfilling someone else's investment they bought five years ago.


Keep in mind that income from the sale of actual god or silver is taxed at the "collectibles" rate of 28% for the IRS. If you buy shares of mutual funds that invest in precious metals, you get capital gains rates if held 1 year or more (0% or 15% tax depending on your bracket). But, I'm thinking that people that buy actual metals aren't too concerned about the tax impact.


I've said this before, but it bears repeating.

Those of us who follow the adage of "Buy low, and sell high" appreciate those of you who do not.

If you had purchased silver five years ago, and were selling it now, you'd show a bit of profit. Keeping it for the long term? Unless you're planning on making jewelry down the road, I think you are in for a sad disappointment. I have friends who speculate in the commodities market, and most of them have backed off from large positions in gold and other precious metals. Here's a nice chart where you can look at the price today (and over time).

A more significant measure is SPDR, and you can see that gold shares are in a downward trend.

You are currently paying MARKET prices for silver, but will not be able to sell it at that price, since you are limited as to who will buy raw silver ingots.

I may return to this later.


What @shrdlu: said....

Ammo would be a better investment if you are seriously concerned about currency loosing it's value...


Thanks for all the input, I will still continue to buy a few ounces at a time.

I agree ammo is a great purchase, if nothing else you can take your family out and shoot stuff.


@benyust2: Good to know, I don't plan on cashing in any metal. I can buy a gun or go to a farm and have a whole cow diced up for me with gold/silver.


Hello Readers

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