questionsare you keeping your membership?


While I have been very happy with my Shoprunner membership, I haven't been $75 a year happy. So no, I won't be keeping it.

For myself, I used it most at For gifts, I used it most at ToysRus. That being said, I am disappointed with how many small/normal sized items are not eligible for Shoprunner shipping at ToysRus. Without a doubt, the biggest reason I won't be keeping the membership.


No, I don't plan on renewing. I had the same problems as @tarasadies with, where it's unavailable for a lot of items. If Shoprunner was more broadly available to other online retailers, then maybe I'd have an incentive to keep it, but not even being able to use it fully on just one site is very disappointing.


I was thinking about getting a Shoprunner membership, I buy a good bit on Newegg. But, liked everybody, I found that everything from computer cases to even big video cards weren't included, I gave up on it.

Compare that to Amazon. Even this:

shipped for free. Two day shipping even.


It was a nice surprise the few times this year when I was about to purchase something and learned it had free shipping for me, but it's so rare for me, it's not worth the cost. I do pay for Amazon Prime (where I can often find the cheapest price on something anyways) and also get streaming that we use often enough to help make the Prime cost worth it. Stopping Prime to pay for Shoprunner would limit my purchasing abilities so much, I just wouldn't ever do it.

I did enjoy the free reusable bag they sent me though!


It was nice having it free this year but I definitely didn't buy enough to be worth $75. However, I'm not renewing my Prime membership, and Shoprunner has a "Buy $50 from Shoprunner by December 31 and renew for $29," so if I'm able to find $50 worth of stuff I need at a decent price, I'll probably do that.


I've only managed to take advantage of it a handful of times in the past year on some newegg orders. So, for me, it simply isn't worth it to renew my membership.


I've used it quite a bit for Newegg and Dominos, so I'm with @curli76 on this.


I happened to make a $50+ purchase the day they announced the $29 renewal, so I'll give it one more year. It's been nice, but I haven't been gaining that much. A lot of what I order at NewEgg came with 3-day shipping, so bumping it up to 2-day shipping on a bigger selection is nice, but not life-changing.


Nope, not even for the $29 renewal. Most of what I order (usually from Newegg) has free shipping anyway, so really all it does is let me get it a little faster. That's not a big concern of mine, so I'm just going to let it expire.


I only received free 2 day shipping a grand total of 3 times in the past year from NewEgg, and I believe all 3 would have had free 3 day shipping anyway. For me this would be a solid no.


I didn't participate in the freebie offer because I have Prime. There's really not much comparison. +1 for an interesting question. :)


Like everybody else, I'm also not going to bother renewing. Exclusions and a low number of sites I actually use killed it for me. It would be mildly tempting at $10 a year or so, but at 70+ it's silly, for not much more than that I could have Prime, Hulu+, or Netflix, all of which I'd get a lot more use out of.


I too am letting my membership expire. So far I've only used it twice. It came very handy when I did use it, but not worth the hefty price tag. I have noticed that more stores have started to participate, so while it maybe good for some not yet for me.


@straub: You must be lucky. I order from NewEgg a lot. About 1 in 3 items I order does not have free shipping, except with Shoprunner. It doesn't add up to much, but it probably adds up to close to $30 in a year.


I let mine expire and I got an email a couple months later to get ONE YEAR FOR $1. Hold out, the deal gets better.