questionsshould secret santas stay secret?


I always thought you were supposed to find out when you got the gift. The secret is not knowing who's shopping for you. Not sure it would be fun if you never found out.


It's certainly safer for sucky Secret Santas. Also a bit stalkerish.


@lavikinga: I always go the other way, not sucky at all. I've never been able to keep it under the limit. Maybe I'm a little bit twisted, but I like staying secret. I like the little internal grin I get when my recipient is going nuts trying to figure it out.


What happens at Secret Santas....


Definitely keep it a secret! If the recipient figures it out, then I'd own up, otherwise not.


Whenever we have done Secret Santas, a significant part of it is trying to figure out who gave each gift. It is all part of the fun to associate gifts with people.

You can probably make a game out of it where everyone votes on who they think provided each gift and whoever gets the most correct gets a gift card or something.