questionshave you heard about nestle + girl scout cookies?


@jertyrael: yup, that pretty much sums it up...


Sounds awesome, although they need to call the "Caramel Coconut" ones by the REAL name - Samoas!


@mkdr: Depending on what state you're in they are still called Samoas. Cookie flavors may vary by state as well.


Delicious. Cannot wait until they go on sale.


@coondogg97: There isn't so much variation. There are two bakeries that supply the cookies, each with unique flavors and a little overlap. Each council chooses one bakery or the other, so if you don't like the selection sometimes better cookies are just over the county line.

My home has been a cookie warehouse a couple of times so I'm way more familiar with them than any man should be.


Whoa... a Thin Mint Nestle Crunch bar? That stuff sounds dangerous.

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was a crystal menthe cook? The stuff is really easy to make. It's just [crystal menthe recipe omitted to adhere to Woot! Terms of Use] ...and that's basically where they got the plot for "Breaking Bad". With the Thin Mint Crunch bar as the main ingredient I could make the stuff twice as strong.

It's not all bad though! I'm pretty sure my Thin Mint purchases single-handedly funded our entire state's Girl Scout troop.


The article is a joke. I will type 2 things read them out loud and fill in the blank.

Girl Scout _ _ _ _ _ _ _

If you did not say cookies, what did you say? I bet it was not apple.

Is anyone else concerned that the troops will suffer if it reduces sales of cookies?

As an ex-cub scout leader and an ex-girl scout dad I know that money only goes 1 direction. When the cub scouts got a 'bonus donation' for starting our fund raising late and shorting the fundraising time we did not get a dime.


I just wanna know if they'll be made of real girl scouts.


@caffeine_dude: my daughter's girl scout troop got to keep any actual donations for their troop. They're donating most of what they raised to an animal rescue that cares for dogs and horses.


What's this? I don't know that I have enough freezer space to properly horde thin mint bars. Yep, definitely good motivation to clean out the freezer.


@kamikazeken: That is awesome our girls (my wife's extroop) Donated to food drives and volunteered to help clean up after a storm, and some other things but it was their choice!
They could have went to an amusement park with the money they raised, it was literally on the table.


@caffeine_dude: Sounds like a great bunch of girls!

Like most other fundraisers (even though I do love my thin mints), I'd rather give a direct donation to the troop/school/whathaveyou. That way I know the specific people I'm trying to support get 100% of what I'm giving. It still confuses our PTA when they get a direct check from me rather than an order for gift wrap, but they cash it!