questionswill you miss dick clark tonight?


Yes. I'll always remember Dick Clark as the young, affable host of "American Bandstand," especially during the Philadelphia days of the 50s & early 60s. Those post-stroke years were difficult, but I admire his dedication. Tonight I'll probably be watching Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin at the magic stroke of 2013.


nope, they cloned him into ryan seacrest years ago


Absolutely, yes, I will. It might have been a little painful watching him, but I admired his courage in continuing his contribution to my New Year's Eve tradition.


Nope. I don't generally watch that show aside maybe right before midnight I'll flip it on, and frankly, every year I say "He's still alive?".


No, I won't. I like tradition and all, but I've been getting very, very annoyed when people who are far past their prime and clearly on a downslope refuse to move away. Dick Clark did great work, and showed courage in trying to come back. But it was time for somebody else to take over. I'm not a Ryan Sechrist fan, but it is time for a different approach and manner.


in his honor, allow me to post the transcript from his last new years rockin' even appearance:

"murrr rururrrr ummhhhrrrrr rrueeaaarrrrr rrruuuuuurrr murrrRRRRRrrrrrr mmrrreeeaa rurrrrrrr muuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lrrrrlrrrrrr rrurrrrraaaarrrrrrrr rrmrrururrrrrrrrrrrrrr"


I am hoping that the weather will be cold and a little rainy, as I think it would be fitting that Ryan would have to deal with the horrible weather that Dick Clark has always wanted to see him in.


I guess I'll have to look up a previously recorded wife said earlier that she is expecting Dick tonight.


Nope. Quality was lacking in recent years.