questionswhy are you deleting my deals after they hit the…


@jumbowoot It's hard to play by the rules when they are a constantly moving target.


amen. This is getting ridiculous


How I picture the deals.woot mods:


@bsmith1: How fun! Now we must identify @jumbowoot #2 or Dr. Evil?


Where DID that white bodystocking go? I swear it was there about an hour ago. I know because I voted on it. Maybe there's a "secret" tab. You know, like a "speak easy" tab.


@lavikinga: They deleted it, that's why I'm asking this question. People were buying that product like crazy, then poof!

They also deleted the boxer costume for men...apparently it was too sexy ;p


Now my question about the RIPed deals being popular isn't showing up.


@lavikinga: lol..."speak easy" tab! brilliant! that should be the next change.

i doesn't make sense to delete your deals once they go popular. hopefully this is a temporary glitch.


@kylemittskus: It's a conspiracy! (Actually your question is on the Fresh tab.)



This again? Sucks that this keeps happening to you cheri. At least you're a valued member of the community to us!


My latest deal just went Popular...any bets on how long it will last?


So now it really does suck to be popular, huh?

Why is it that "improvements" never improve anything?


"hmm…we can't find that deal
The deal you're looking for isn't on our servers. This is what we geeks call a 404 error. The link you followed may be old, or you might have mistyped the address.

Please stand by and we'll take you to some similar deals or click here if you're not automatically redirected.."

Really? Maybe it's time for me to take a little break from here. It's supposed to be a community, not a dictatorship, Governor.


Why am I not surprised TPTB hasn't responded to this? <---purely rhetorical question. When there is a response, it's usually something to the effect (paraphrasing), 'Repost it. It was deleted in error. We're only human.'

Usually lacking an apology. And, of course, reposting it doesn't gain back the votes it had garnered before deletion. And, most certainly, zero clarification of any rules.

I do think this latest mess is because of the change in the tabs. Also affected on the Popular tab are RIP deals. Sloppy job, IMO. But, I'm not a programmer. Just a user. Loosely speaking.

Too bad, @ohcheri. I AM sorry this is happening to you. And yes, as someone noted elsewhere - you're popular w/so many of us in the community. Those who haven't totally given up yet.

Who Cares? In this case, I do. For shame JW!


@hottubrf: I've said it before, I really think they want all of us "old-timers" to go away. We grumble too much about the good 'ol days.

Definitely not having fun today :-(


@ohcheri: Dagnabbit, Cheri. I was just about to storm up to the moderators office and tell them a thing or two...
But this durn lumbago is givin' me fits. No way I can drive the Studebaker out there like this.
Plus I'll miss the "Earlybird Special. They got cream of something soup today!!


@ohcheri: What was the most recent deleted item? At 7:00 EDT I see a white body stocking, which the data says was posted about 10 minutes ago.

The whole situation with your deals is Major Suckage.


@kylemittskus: Your question about RIP'd deals is back and popular.

Strange things today. Maybe just some programming problems. Maybe the April Fool's greebie got stuck in the system. I posted a deal three days ago that received 43 total upvotes. Pretty good, but not amazing. It stayed on the Popular tab until a couple of hours ago. Very strange.


@magic cave: I reposted that one. That went popular earlier and they deleted it. I then posted a pinstripe babydoll and when that went popular they deleted it. The bodystocking was selling pretty well so I'm trying it again :-)


@ohcheri: Did you have 3 deals today? Did you repost them all?


@caffeine_dude: I posted two deals today. Both went popular and were deleted. I reposted one of them.


@ohcheri: Pinstripe Babydoll?? Was someone we know modeling it??

Re-post please...


@ohcheri:Yes, ok that makes sense I saw the 2nd one at work, and was going to check it out better when I got home.


It all makes sense now. They were tweaking the algorithm to make sure my deals will never appear on the Popular tab. They just had to figure out how many votes/clicks it would take.

The man is still keeping me down :-(


Are your deals still vanishing? Or is something else happening to them? (sympathies....)


@f00l: My deals aren't vanishing now that they have made the changes necessary to keep them off the popular tab.



As many of you have noticed, we recently changed the algorithm that governs the content of the front page of deals.woot. It is a version of the original Popular algorithm that deals.woot launched with. This version did not have the penalties we had previously implemented. That has been corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime.

We have also noted your questions about expired deals in the Popular flow and we are reviewing that as well.

Thank you for all of your input.

All told.


@ohcheri: So now I take jumbo's reply to mean this: "The new algorithm we implemented for the popular tab mistakenly didn't include the parts that don't allow certain items (or certain member's listings), so until we got that edit pushed we deferred to just deleting everything that appeared that we like or didn't think should be there."

Thanks jumbo for providing an answer.


@ki4rxm: Correct. And the new penalty against the #lingerie tag is even harsher. It used to take 30 votes to get on the Popular tab but obviously that requirement has been pushed much higher.

Oh well! At least my customers know how to find me.


@ohcheri: My translation?

"Despite your contribution to deals.woot, we had to make sure no one came to our site and saw lingerie. So, until we could banish you from the Pop tab, we just deleted your deals without saying anything to you. We're not really sorry.

Told no one, or if I did tell them, they won't listen and something similar will be happening tomorrow."

Aww crap, I think I went and got bitter at DW.


That is not much of an answer, or anything like an apology to @Ohcheri who is loosing up-votes. Community.....hummmmm... idk. Isn't this how the DMCA take downs work? Take down first ,then pretend to check if it should have been taken down in the first place later.


The irony here is that 99.9% of the content on this site is community contributed. This means WOOT rakes in the profits from the paid advertising and the paid sponsors while actually contributing little value to this site. This site only exists because of the community content.

No one at WOOT cares that at one time I got so much traffic from this site that I had to upgrade my server at 10 times the cost of my original server. No one at WOOT cares that since they have implemented their puritanical censorship my income has dropped by over 25%.



My haters can say...but you're using WOOT for free advertising, why you cryin'? And I understand that. All of the posted deals on here are free advertising and WOOT makes money by the community stopping by every day and checking on the deals. I still get traffic and new customers so I'm not going to get in a huff. I simply want the folks at WOOT to understand that their tactics cause pain. (And, yes, I understand they don't care.)

I used to enjoy coming here, now...not so much...and I think a lot of people feel the same way. All of the fun is gone.


@ohcheri: Are you on the affiliate (or referer or ??) thing with Woot so that they get the micro-kickbacks?

j5 j5

@j5: If you want to see who is giving WOOT kickbacks check the Popular tab.