questionsdoes anyone have any interest in the new…


I carry a personal and work Blackberry everyday. I'm definitely intrigue by the new OS and phones.


I am interested only in their new BES server version. In my environment we have an older BES we are looking to replace with some better form of MDM software for our new policies (BYOD, control across several platforms, etc). Supposedly their new server can handle iOS, Android, and BB. But in their phones? No. Almost makes me lol.


I'm pretty worried about the company making it through the next year or two without being acquired...
Nearly all my Blackberry friends have moved to iPhones, with the exception of one to Android and a few who are mandated by their offices to carry a BBY.
The biggest issue I see here is that it's a whole new OS... If you're going to have to learn a new phone, buy new software, and have a new phone experience, why not do it on one of the known good phone systems (and one that is much more likely to be around in 2-3 years - hello WebOS anyone???) Blackberry 10 is a whole different beast than Blackberry 7 or previous.
The thing that really gets me is the whole "Let's rename ourselves from Research in Motion [which means something] to BlackBerry, and, oh, let's pay Alicia Keys [who was apparently an avid iPhone user until just days ago] a heap of cash to take on a marketing role but let's call her something official sounding like Global Creative Director"...
What's up with that‽


It is very simple. If it is better than iOS/Android, YES. If it is not better, NO.


Is it Android? Uh then No.

This post is in remembrance of WebOS.


@caffeine_dude: Me, too. Also.
There's a pair of HP Tables within reach.
No upgrades.
No new software.
SOMEtimes there's a rumor of a hint of a sniff of a maybe future vaporware ....
But nothing.

PLEASE someone help us derps.
If HP can't give me something i can use,
Give me a nuke and root for Android.
NOT as a dual boot, neither.


Oh, and ixnay on the blackberry.
Does it do anything at all better than the competition?
Is the service better, or cheaper, than the competition?
Are there more goodies and apps than the competition?
Is there a reason for me to abandon what I already have, and already works, and already does what I want, to get another branded piece that stopped working and made me get what I now have?
Is this a new and supported innovation, a product of the future? Or their version of ME, hoping to make enough money on this one to make the next one right?
I'm tired of finding arrows in my back, I'm a gonna wait.


I use a Blackberry for work, which is now 2 years old. The new Blackberry looks interesting, but I'm not interested in experimenting with their first smartphone. There's just not enough there to get excited about.


@gidgaf: I have android on my HP. If you really want instructions I can point you to some good ones. Let me know. It is dual boot but the dual boot option on mine is set for Android launch in <5 seconds (this number can be set lower)


I could have sworn I posted here already....
Anyway, our company of over 60,000 employees is dropping BB like it's hot and moving to Good + android/iOS


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Are they still going to require extra software installed on Exchange servers in order to get corporate e-mail? I know some sysadmins recommend against BlackBerry just so they don't have to deal with that extra garbage.


My Edsel doesn't have a power port to charge it on the go.