questionsdid you know you will get put on post probation…


I've had worse.
Once, I was on double secret probation- that ended badly.


@xarous: That shirt was just begging for some kind of comment(s)
I was wondering if this pick was some comment by the T shirt Woot folk for the leaving of the staff or just some cosmic coincidence.


Did Woot send you an email to let you know you were on probation? How does this stuff work?


So are you posting here hoping they'll back down, because you're incredulous, or because you want to push the envelope?


Tell me this is not your first probation. I got probation for fun at the end of a woot off, back in the day, you got a really cool badge of a rabid dog.

And no I will not make the mistake of assuming this entire discussion will be deleted and start saying silly things. I and a few others did this one before in an older of a twin dup deal but mods had fun in the end by killing the first deal and leaving the dup live.


@wisenekt: When you try to post, it takes you to a probation screen and gives you a reason (and a dead link if your post has been removed).


@thepenrod: I actually just think it's quite funny.

@caffeine_dude: I did get put on probation back in the day as a joke. I don't believe this time is a joke, howevern :-)


@havocsback: In my experience double-secret probation ALWAYS ends badly. But at least there's a parade.


@wisenekt: Yes, something like:

"You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a spy!!"


Just don't say the name in a darkened bathroom while holding a lit candle and facing the mirror.


@thepenrod: maybe he's tired of the heavy handed mods here. Here is woot... "all risque or lingerie posts are bad and we cant have them..... unless they are not on front page, and then its ok.... unless its too risque then delete it...... if you're not sure if its too risque, delete it then delete any posts asking about the deleted deal.... but socks are totally ok...... unless then have sequins or come up past the ankle then they are full of sin and need to be deleted...."

i love how they regulate that stuff because it is a "family site" but then all the flash ads on the side of the screen have sexy half clad women trying to sell us something. personally that kind of stuff doesn't offend me, but if we're being honest, alot of those ads are as bad or worse than the images that ohcheri posts. i guess anything that produces ad revenue is exempt from the "family friendly" rule.


Well, I guess that would answer the questions regarding what kind of policy changes we should expect with the new regime.

Must be a dreadful way to have to live one's life, taking offense at silly humor and feeling a need to strike back with one's little light sword. How does one manage to get through the day with such a thin skin? I'm reminded here of the antics of Amy and Samy of Amy's Baking Company notoriety.

"one's little light sword" = possible new euphemism for one's junk?


@xarous @wisenekt @magic_cave @caffeine_dude: Now's your chance! The Boba Fett watch/clock combo could earn you probation! :-)


That's totally ridiculous, and does make me wonder if he is sitting in an office somewhere reading all the posts. Maybe we should all get busy and start mentioning "him" in our posts -- our act of defiance to let him know that the Woot minions won't back down from the man.


@joshaw: Guess it must take awhile, that or mine wasn't that bad. Oh well.


@pitamuffin: What's that called when you google yourself? Vanity googling? maybe he's vanity wooting, just running a search for his name. I wish I had a cool name like that, mine's just boring and overlong.


@wisenekt: Nicely done. I'm guessing someone wouldn't be so angry if his last name was Jett.


I imagine garth hater being the type who analyzes star wars as a story about an misinformed proletariat starting an illegal rebellion, disturbing the peace and stability offered by a vast, well managed empire.


@magic cave: "one's little light sword" = possible new euphemism for one's junk?

Very, very, VERY little, apparently.


You guys all realize you're all bullying someone because of his name, right? I don't even know if he's read the comments here but it's annoying the crap out of me personally to see a community I respect turn into a junior high school lunchroom. What would you talk about here if our CEOs name was Roger Smith? And why aren't you talking about THAT instead? You're all better than this and you know it.


@joshaw: No way, and for 3 reasons.

1. Woot has changed. In the past when you were banned it was slap tickle, the slap was you could not post for 12 hours. The tickle was you got a really cool banner where your comment was.
2. I have a name, as a child was easily mocked. As an adult I enjoy the fact no one cares anymore and I would like to extend the courtesy.
3. Initiation, Woot style, is over, any more is bullying imhop.

Please stare at the scary cartoon dog for 12 hours and then try posting again.


@j5: I'm saying I didn't enjoy bullying when I was younger, and I don't like it now. I didn't probate anyone so I'm not going to second-guess the mod. But there's a big difference between "I think the Shirt.Woot's mistake was misunderstanding how the fourth quarter would underperform due to poor consideration of blahblahblah" and LOLZ YOUR NAME RHYMES WITH SPOCK HAW HAW. I don't think I can make my feelings clearer and I have a lot to do today, so I'll leave you to the thread.


@slydon: To be fair to the deals.woot community, when have we not been bitter about something and responded immaturely? I'm just saying that this actually does seem like pretty consistent behavior.

Not that that makes it right.

I also think an argument could be made that the point of this isn't that his name resembles Darth Vader, but that his actions and position do and that's what makes it fit so well.

Again, not that that makes the immature response right.

I personally am waffling between two sides. One is that Garth Mader has made some bad business choices because he values something different than we do (and that he represents Amazon in like kind) and this is fair consumer response. The other is that he is a person, and as such should be treated with respect, kindness, etc. There is a battle being waged. Some think it is for our wallets or possibly against other people when it is actually a battle within our hearts.

Of course, the high road should always be taken.


Was the OP really mocking Garth with that comment? When I was in grade school, I had a friend with a last name that sounded a bit like "pee pants". He was mocked for that by the bullying types at our school. Are we really going to hold somebody making the (humorous imho) observation that a company is selling some star wars stuff has a CEO with the name Garth Mader equivalent to that?


@slydon: copy that. Not participating in that aspect of discussion.

Though I AM interested in the 4th quarter underperforming of Shirt.Woot.... :D

j5 j5

@j5: I know you're just teasing me now, but yeah, I just picked words at random for my example.


@slydon: "What would you talk about here if our CEOs name was Roger Smith?"

Ummm...the fact that a jerk by any other name would still smell as rank?


Roger Smith:

And it would be funny if woot was selling alien heads or wigs (assuming the CEO was Roger Smith).


Am trying to put this in perspective from my POV. Personally, I'm still dismayed over the changing of the of the guard. Actually, more dismayed about the changes I've seen at woot during the last 3 years. The last year in particular, after @snapster left. The new WootZon face. Also, lamenting the departure of so many members of staff. Disagreed w/them at times, but respected their decisions. Familiarity gone.

Re: The "bullying" issue. We're not children anymore. Should be able to handle this kind of joking. Haven't all of us been 'harassed' in 1 way or another in our adult lives? <---rhetorical ? Which brings me to this...I think a sense of humor is vital to living as happy a life as possible. If I'm not mistaken, this person lacks that humor.

His choice; his company. He makes the rules. May not like the rules, but there you are. We all have a choice on whether to accept that. Or not.


A silly Star Wars/woot reference should've been taken as a harmless joke. I'm sorry, Mr. Mader, the next time you're in Orange County PM me and I'll buy you a drink (and you too, @slydon).


whoah whoah whoah, hold up here.
I got modded in this thread?
I'm on @Slydon's side here.
I had a question as to clarify his post and it got deleted outright?
Was it the bug reference, is that what did it?
Oooookay then.
See ya kids.

j5 j5

Anyone stop to think that the community posting several insulting comments and deals meant to insult the man was more than enough of a "comment" on his name/job?

I don't know him, didn't work with/for him, etc. If this were someone else in a different position - almost all of you would be defending him and calling people out for bullying. Just because he's the new guard doesn't make it right to essentially harass a man at his own company. Shame on you.


Did you know flooding the deals pages with useless Darth Vader deals does nothing to advance the community?


I personally think the Darth Vader references have to do with way more than the rhyming. If he came in, & was the coolest guy around, promising to keep Woot as awesome as ever, I think people wouldn't be making any jokes.

Instead under his reign, we've seen some drastic changes to the Woot we all love, & not for the better. I mean, it's not really a daily deal website any more, with Wootplus items staying for ages, and items being put up at random to replace sold out items. Plus how many of our favorite employees have left? And the ones leaving are telling us of horrible things being done by him, like him enjoying to pit people against each other. Another thing that I think is playing a big part is his refusal to join in the community he effectively runs. The departed told us that Mader refused to be introduced to the community.

End result, we have a person in charge, causing what is seen as great harm, and is hiding out of view, allowing us to only see their power, like Darth Vader.


@gmwhit: You wrote "His choice; his company. He makes the rules. May not like the rules, but there you are. We all have a choice on whether to accept that. Or not."

When I hear that, I think "Man, that sounds like the boss I have at my company!" Perhaps some of us are doing a little venting (albeit childish) in regards to "working for the man"?


@slydon @j5: That however does explain the option of AA blanks coming back as an option for the shirt of the day. It would also appear that Woot might not be as flexible as it once was to adapt to changes that it needed to make.


@slydon: Here ya go: some nice fresh popcorn. Go pop in a DVD of Mary Poppins to help take your mind off all this stress. It'll pass soon. Meanwhile, this might be helpful in figuring out what "bullying" is and who does it:
"The definition of bullying adopted by psychologists is physical or verbal abuse, repeated over time, and involving a power imbalance. In other words, it’s about one person with more social status lording it over another person, over and over again, to make him miserable."

Or perhaps this one:
"Many definitions include a statement about the ”imbalance of power”, described as when the student with the bullying behavior has more “power”, either physically, socially, or emotionally, such as a higher social status, is physically larger or emotionally intimidating."


@slydon: @thumperchick:
I think the Vader stuff is childish but we're a nation that's getting a little hair-triggery about the term bullying. I'm sure he's heard it a million times and it grates on his nerves but I wouldn't say it's really out of bounds.

Woot was initially being run by a group that genuinely loved it and cultivated a positive relationship with the users. They made it fun. That's not always what "business" does. That business approach in itself isn't wrong either, but I don't think criticizing the changes we see in Woot as being out of bounds.

In a community of millions you're going to have some people who stoop "too low." That's the price of freedom and so far I don't think I've seen anybody using profanity or threats.

And I think if there's anybody who needs to be resilient enough to employ a "sticks and stones" methodology, it sure better be the CEO of a company with an open forum called "Ask the Community."


@phillystyle: When I see a group of people attacking someone, in a rude manner, without provocation, I'm going to say something. When you see people doing wrong, you stand up - or you're part of the problem.

Now, if there are ongoing threads/discussions about the communities dissatisfaction with the changes to woot in the last 2 years? Okay! That makes sense and this site has always had that. Going out of one's way to say some snide comment at every possible turn is unnecessary and wrong.

I'd say the dude's handling this alright, he's not in here crying fowl or hand-wringing, so no need to assume anything about him on that front.

I know, it's no fun to stand back when you're (in the figurative) part of an angry mob, but it needs to be done.


@thumperchick: I actually typed "crying fowl" - that mental image is a bit funny. FOUL


I wonder if there is this much action going on during the woot!-off


@thumperchick: Of course it's not black and white. It's shades of gray and all that. So you're definitely right...und not so right.

I guess we all feel like that bystander sometimes. Sometimes we KNOW that we'd be doing wrong by not standing up and saying something. Sometimes we KNOW we should let things take their course without our intervention. I never fault anyone with the courage to speak up for someone. It's like saying please and thank you - it's never the wrong thing to do.


@slydon: Dang you, I had the bullying comment first, but I had to find the Pro B, the probation dog.


@mkentosh: Woot-offs are so boring these days that we have lots of extra time to be over here.