questionsare you tired of compaines asking you to "likeā€¦


I just don't think it's for ALL companies... Sure Playtex, you make great feminine products. But no, I do not feel the need to be friends with you on Facebook, or share with everyone that I liked your page...


YES! I was just thinking this earlier, when I went to respond to a survey from a company I do business with and discovered I had to log in to Facebook to answer it. I thought Facebook was supposed to be the world's biggest chat room, not the facade for the world's biggest shopping mall. I have a Facebook account for purely incidental reasons and haven't visited it for a year or more. I do not go there to buddy up with businesses. If they want to talk to me they can do it through their corporate website.


IIRC Facebook started out as a place for college students to interact with each other. Since then it has become a big mess of everyone and their dog(cats too) wanting to be my "friend" or have me "like" them. I don't play that game anymore. As for the OP, Facebook is "where it's happening now" for most people, but not me. Homey don't play dat. BTW I don't "tweet" either. Out of touch with the times? Maybe. Happy about it? Darn right! ? /rant


I find the whole Facebook thing to be a turn-off. I guess I don't mind being asked to like them as I just ignore the request. If they force me to use Facebook to participate in something (contest, feedback, etc.) then I get annoyed and go elsewhere.


It's just another form of advertising. "Normal" advertising is becoming obsolete so companies have to roll with the changes. Television commercials are skipped either by leaving the room or via DVR/Tivo. Newspapers? Magazines? Who buys them? Radio ads...hit the seek button. Social media is the popular alternative now.

What I find more annoying is the commercials I am forced to watch before a movie (in the theater). I paid way too much to get in here and now I'm trapped watching dang commercials! What's the solution? Maybe next time I won't arrive early and just take my chances on getting a good seat.

Facebook is one of the tabs I keep open on my computer all the time. My family and friends don't live close and this helps me be part of their lives. I'm also a Words with Friends addict and I've got a bunch of free stuff from companies I "like". I feel the same way about Facebook as I do about a lot of deals on here...if it's not interesting to me I just scroll past it.


I forgot about something. About a week ago I opened a Stoffer's frozen entree. Stuck to the peel-away clear cover was something from Stoffer's asking me to "Like" them on Facebook. It went right into the trash can.


I am an avid outdoorsman, and I went through all my gear and "liked" all the companies. Now since I've blocked pretty much every annoying person on Faceobook, my entire daily wall is a barrage of climbing videos, biking vidoes, and all kids of outdoor porn! If the company posts cool stuff, I love "liking" them!


Yes! I also don't like it when companies on Facebook tell you to go do something on Twitter.



Both of my cats have Facebook accounts. I can ask them to send you friend requests if you want.
(Hey, I needed test accounts to try different things with Mafia Wars back before I found deals.woot when I spent all of my time playing that game.)



You know, you'd think that if the people doing TV advertizing had IQs over 85 or so that they would realize that a SINGLE commercial of 30 or 45 seconds would keep people glued to their chairs.

I know that with Hulu, I actually watch the commercials, since there are usually only one or two of them and there really isn't time to go make a seven course meal or get a mani-pedi.


I don't mind Facebook, it's the twitter I can do without


it is simple to deal with,like them if you want ,ignore if you have no interest


Corporations are people!!! All they want is a friend, so stop your cyber bulling them and friend them.


My perspective has changed as I have been getting closer to opening up my own B&M Business. Facebook is one of the few "free" advertising tools that can go viral and really help a business out.

So will I ask my customers to "Like" my business page and share deals I put out? Yes I will. Because I realize there are millions of Facebook-Addicts, and a few hundred-thousand anti-facebook consumers who will still buy my services if it's something that appeals to them. (They will just gripe about how much Facebook sucks)..

Case in Point--- Woot has a Facebook and this question has been asked in various forms... =D


You should like me on Facebook! Powerwashcypress


I don't have a FB or twitter acct. so it doesn't bother me if they ask me to "Like" them or Tweet something. I may need to make both accounts on a dummy email, though, so I can get into the social network-specific deals.


@johnnys13: ..."kids of outdoor porn!"

I hope you've scrubbed your drive for when the FBI knocks on your door.


Yes, tired of that and especially the ones where you have to like a page to even be able to see a particular offer or competition.


I work customer service for something I am not in the demographic for and our intranet home page had a post recently asking if we'd "liked" them on FB yet. No, no I haven't! I don't put bong pictures of myself on FB but still. Stay away!


@devexityspace: I am in agreement with both sides, yeah like talking out both sides of my mouth ha ha, but as a consumer I don't like it when companies make the liking a contingency thing, such as that I have to like their facebook page in order to learn about something, get something, or gain something, when in fact, all they want is my business and the business of all my facebook friends, and if I disagree then they don't get that so the power is still mine in that scenario, however, I do lose out on what I wanted to know/get/gain. Sometimes I want to patronize a business without broadcasting my "business" to other people. But I don't mind it when a company merely asks me to like their page. If I want to, I could consider it a reminder or an information about their having one. If I don't want to, I know i can look at if I want to. As a business person I am in agreement that facebook is a useful free advertising tool that, in our world as it stands, is important.


if it's a special offer where I get a discount, sure I'll click like, then a minute later, I'll unlike. done.



No, I am not sick of blocking companies and/or people.


Oh yeah, I'm tired of hearing it.
I know about your company. I also know how facebook works. If I think you're worth "liking", I'll do that on my own. You're making your company sound desperate.



"like" them on Facebook


buy their product

For that one aspect, it's not a whole lot different. They're trying to get you to do something. That's the definition of marketing, IMNSHO.


The worst is having to "like" a Facebook page of a product you've never tried, in order to get a free sample. Look, I don't "like" you. I have a "mild interest" in you.

I got over it and now I just immediately unlike them after I hit print or fill out whatever form.