questionsdo you still let woot slide?


Before I get flamed, yes, people (me included) make mistakes. But on the whole, now that woot isn't the small mini company, should they still get the same pass that they used to?


Meh. I never trusted Woot's write-ups to be anything other than entertainment, although I did assume that the specs they posted were accurate. If the specs aren't correct, then the writers need to pay closer attention while trying to avoid false advertising.


Wait, we used to get a pass when we made mistakes?

Can I get a few of these passes, I'll save them for a doozy. Feel free to harass us when we run out of passes, or whenever you feel like it. We can take it!


@magic cave: Just FYI, the writers don't write the specs so don't lambaste them for that. If you see something that looks wrong, call us on it please! The moderators can get in touch with people who will know and then it can get updated. Better for us, better for customers.


That having been said, we writers DO try not to lie about what a thing can do, unless it's something like "this toaster kills vampires" where it's obvious we're just having fun. When we say a toolbox holds 35 tools, and then find out it only holds 34, we get pretty mad. But hopefully you almost never see that happen.


Additionally some of the people who do our buying often read the forums, so if you have a big question, shout it out in a post! The guy who made the deal for us might be there to answer it!

edit: OR GAL


I think Woot sorta wants it both ways. They want us to believe that they're a small buncha peeps putting together the best deals possible for those of us who have been devoted fans for years, & they also want us to believe that they bring all the resources of Major Seller Amazon to our little bargains.

The thing is, this all falls apart. For example, if you order shoes from Amazon and you should have gotten a size smaller, it's no problem: just return them unused, and Amazon will send you the right size. But if you order shoes that turn out to be too big from Woot!, you should just grin and bear it and (aw, shucks!) list them on craigslist.

And if you spend $2,200 anywhere on a set of bedroom furniture, you expect a decent warranty. Spend $2,200 on a set of bedroom furniture here on Woot!, and you should be pleased as punch to get their 90 day Woot! limited warranty.

I think certain folks hope that the words "I see what you did there" never get spoken here.


@mattschuette, @slydon and @josefresno: First, let me say that I love the write-ups! I've always taken them as being primarily like the introductions to a celebrity roast: you know you're going to get to meet the actual guest eventually, and you shouldn't believe any of the hyperbole, humor, or insults that's said about him or her.

Having said that, let me add that I can't recall any instance in which there was a problem with the specs for a Woot item. I know there's never been a issue with any of my own purchases, and I also can't remember any discussion or question about other items.

TL:DR: I was speaking hypothetically.


@gertiestn: I think you've summarized those points quite well; I hadn't even thought of the issue of returns and warranties, although there have been a number of offers I haven't bought because of the lack of returnability.

Aren't most items still under the manufacturer's warranty?


@magic cave: Sadly, I can. I'm just glad it hasn't happened often, because I hate having to redo writeups after they go live.

EDIT: And thank you!


@magic cave: About the manufacturer's warranty: I would think so, but apparantly not. Check, for example, the items under Woot/Home/WoodPlus/Bedroom Furniture from Abbyson Living. You'll see that the Novara 5-PC Bedroom Set, which goes for a mere $2,210 in one of its options, has a whopper of a warranty listed: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.


Ok, I'm gonna step in for a Woot 101 primer. Hopefully I won't be giving away family secrets.

Yes, we are bigger company with a bigger momma but we run much the same.

The deals are set up just a day or two in advance.... sometimes hours (gasp, we hate that). We have a small group of buyers that obtain the merchandise and collect the info. An even smaller group of wonderful people that set up the sales. Each sale is reviewed by at least 3 people. We know we screw up but we also get caught by vendors giving us incorrect info and manufacturers having incorrect info on their sites or manuals.

Wooters have eagle eyes and we know that. We watch the forums for questions about sales and will work to get the answer as soon as possible.


The difference for a catalog online retailer (e.g. Amazon, Overstock) is that their sales are up for months or even years. They can correct their sales info over time. But don't think their sales are perfect. Overstock caused us quite a bit of a problem on a flatware sale because they said it was 18/0 and we said it was 18/10. We had to post photos of the box showing it was 18/10 to convince wooters.

On a recent earbud sale, the manufacturer said in info provided to us AND ON THEIR WEBSITE that they were noise canceling. We didn't believe it so before the sale went live, we double checked and learned they were only noise isolating.

Keep in mind that we are setting up hundreds of NEW sales a day and each one of them is seen by hundreds of thousands of people a day. When Amazon puts up a new item, it's buried on their site unless you search for it. Given the number of sales we launch, our error rate is really pretty small. Believe me though, we take each one seriously.


For the last 6 months or so, I have been working in the Carrollton office 3 days a week. I sit in the middle of the electronics and sports buyers. The home & kids buyers are about 20' away. We work very close and I LOVE WORKING WITH THEM. When new sales come up, they ask me what kind of questions to expect from wooters. I know you guys pretty well so I try get info in the sales to answer those questions you might ask.

We also really appreciate our forums and want people to post their experiences with the product - good or bad. When issues are brought up, we take them to the buyers. When the same questions are asked again and again, we try to make sure we get that in the sale as a regular feature. An example is adding the country of origin when we can find it and frame sizes on bikes (yes, we're working on that but the bike manufacturers don't always work with us).


@thunderthighs: Thank you for all the clarifications. Transparency is always a good thing. Perhaps that's why "clarification" and "transparency" ar so similar. Or not.

Whether as a supervisor or an employee, one thing I've always tried to make sure we do is a lot of shadowing. It's always helpful for the folks on Team A to know exactly what's involved when they ask Team B to handle something, and it's useful for Team B to learn exactly why they get those requests so often.

In some ways I tend to see myself as a "remote location" Team Woot member, and I have a sense a lot of other Wootizens [still] feel the same. We watch for spammers, tattle inappropriate posts, answer a lot of questions, and like to share the popcorn and elbow each other (and the Official Folk) in the ribs now and then. The more we know, the easier we can navigate the occasional white water foamy stuff.

Thanks again!


@josefresno: Yes, I guess we could make a staff pass up, much like my woot warehouse parking pass. Yes, I know I cannot get out of the car when I use it, so the inverse would be? You can't use your pass at work?


@thunderthighs: Never said that I didn't appreciate people's efforts at correcting things, however, if the sales are too fast and too furious with too few people to get the ads/information done maybe something should be cut back.

THe ability to post reviews and have discussions is really the only thing that keeps me coming back. I used to love the item write ups, the quirky videos and games, but I believe you are diluting your product with having to write up at least what? 12 a day now?

I really liked your modding of several discussions on various products, so please don't think I am bashing you personally. I just wanted to ask the question to the community to get some other input. It appears I hit a nerve with staff. Now I realize with some leaving and others staying it will be stressful on the remaining staff and they may feel the angst? of the community as well as their own personal feelings. Not everyone is in a position to move on a moments notice.


@ecriscit: I'm sorry you misunderstood the reasons behind my posts. I didn't take your question personally nor did I mean to appear defensive. I've always tried to be straight with wooters. If I can explain how something works, I do. I think some want to know how we work and it helps put things in perspective.


@thunderthighs: Second that thought it's always something that I thought was fun at woot and you in particular are very good about sharing. My favorite example of this was when I asked years ago What's it like at Woot HQ during a woot-off ? Got lots of responses it was cool to get inside info on what it was like.