questionswhy won't deals woot accept deals from dinodirect…


The trafficking of endangered or extinct species is strictly prohibited. Even if their Dino's come direct (direct from where?), I still can't imagine they aren't fakes.


Directly quoting @thefenst:

"We are no longer doing business with this company."

Sounds like they used to be a sponsored company. At one point in time, they did not follow through with one of their deals and so woot has cut ties with the company.

This is all gathered from what I have read. I do not know for sure exactly what occurred.


@rlapid2112: The dinos come directly from China and Jurassic Park... Yeah even so if it functions the same and is $40 off why not give it a try. I've been reading some of the reviews on the PS3 controller and there is not a difference they can tell. It comes with the same instructions and everything. The difference for the American version is that we're probably paying for the advertising too. Even then that's pretty steep.


@bogie21: Yeah I wonder what happened because I've had deals that haven't been honored from and and they were posted on deals woot. Both of those companies haven't been removed. Let me know if you find any other info about that. That's interesting.


@cornutnc: I think it's a whole different thing when a company has a mis-price on the website, or a deal meant for a limited audience suddenly gets broadcast internationally here.


@tsfisch: If it's meant for a limited audience then why do they ship free to the United States.


@cornutnc: Won't do any good to argue. Woot! has spoken. "As it is written, so shall it be done."


@katblue: I'm not arguing I'm discussing to wrap my mind around the concept. I don't care if it changes I just wonder why or if the reason is even legit. It's all out of curiosity and a grand ol' time and passing time at work...


@cornutnc: Limited audience doesn't equate to local audience. It's more meant that it's given to "select" or "special" groups. Generally if they purchased a select # of a normal inventory at a discounted price, they may pass that savings onto these elite groups which can be located all over the US or even the world, depending.

If someone then shares that great deal with, say, deals.woot. They may run out of their "deal" priced items and dip into their normal priced inventory which can cause an overall loss in profit.

So, instead, the company may send out enough for the discount price, then cancel every order after that. Most "fine print" covers these instances generally chalking it up to "pricing errors" or "advertising errors".

But, when a company continuously does this, that's when you start running into problems.


I appreciate woot filtering companies that either have not kept there promises or have chosen to treat customers poorly.


@bogie21: Hahaha, that makes me feel special that that many people would care about my measly old deal. That's true I can capitalize on the deal and not risk it getting cancelled. I haven't had any of my deals cancelled yet from them but maybe that's because like you said not enough people tried to order it. Thanks for the info that's helpful in understand why even for my own gain that it might not be beneficial to post it on here.


Everyone saw what happened when we tried to put dinosaurs on a deserted island in Jurassic Park. Do you really want deals.woot to support the movement to make the same scenario right in your own backyard?